11M Christmas Contest, Dec 10, 2023


  • To provide a unique and original competitive Radio Sports event for DA-RC members and non-members
  • To spread Christmas cheer and comradery in the international 11m DX Community


  • Start: December 10, 00:00 UTC, 2023
  • Finish: December 31, 23:59 UTC, 2023


  • SSB, AM, FM
  • 26.200-27.700 MHz (Includes CB frequencies)
  • No contacts are to be made on the International call frequency
  • Participants are encouraged to operate within their country’s legal frequency allocation


1.  DA-RC Member = A Christmas symbol is added to each participating member’s callsign (e.g. 43DA/ELF, 14DA/SANTA, 79DA/SLEIGH, 3DA/CANDY, 91DA/HOLLY, etc.).

To participate is easy…

  • Choose your symbol and register by emailing the Project Manager — Your callsign will then be added to the website.
  • Make as many contacts as possible with DA-RC and non-DA-RC Members during the contest window.
  • Send your log to the Project Manager by February 1, 2024.

2.  Non-DA-RC Member = Christmas Hunters

To participate is easy…

  • Make contact with as many DA-RC Christmas stations as possible during the contest window
  • Send in your log to the Project Manager by February 1, 2024.


  • All contacts are worth 1 point
  • Contacts with stations in the same DXCC are valid
  • Only 1 contact per station is valid
  • Fellow DA-RC Christmas Stations are multipliers


  • Each DA-RC Christmas Station worked = 1 point
  • The station with the most DA-RC Christmas Stations worked is the winner
  • In the event of a tie, the earliest date and time of the final DA-RC station worked will decide the overall winner


  • All DA-RC Christmas Station log sheets much contain the following fields:  Date,  Callsign, Operator Name, Frequency, Mode and Time (UTC)
  • QSL cards are not necessary to confirm contacts for any participants
  • Log deadline is 1 February, 2023
  • Electronic and paper log submission allowed
  • Disqualification for unsportsmanlike conduct, any deliberate violation of the rules, taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs, etc.


  • The top 3 placegetters of the DA-RC category will receive a personalized trophy.
  • The winner of the non-DA-RC category will receive a trophy.
  • All participants who submit a log sheet will receive a personalized certificate with their log summary, via email.


  • 43DA001 Darren, darren43da001@yahoo.com