IOTA-365, Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2021

No islands event is more demanding than IOTA-365; none is more unsympathetic assessment of an 11m Island Hunter’s determination; his ability to chase and accumulate island contacts over an extended period of time; his knowledge of island nation frequencies and operating culture; and much, much more!

Commencing 1 January 2021 and concluding on 31 December 2021, IOTA-365 extends for a whopping 365 days; one where every second — of every day — of every month — counts as island DX potential and a moment spent away from the mic is an opportunity missed.

Atolls, coral and sand cays, islets, N/V IOTA and standard islands — EVERYTHING COUNTS — except IWI!

Open only to DA-RC Members, IOTA-365 also takes in the 11m Oceania Contest in January and long running Islands Festival from April to June and the 11m Oceania Contest in January; events which represent fabulous opportunities for IOTA-365 participants to cash in on the large number of islands active on the band at this time.


  • To promote the islands on the air (IOTA) concept on 11m


  • DA-RC members only


  • 26.200 MHz – 27.655 MHz (Note: Hunters are advised to adhere to local laws regarding legal frequency use)
  • All modes are valid


  • 1 point earned per island worked — Non-DA Operator
  • 3 points earned per island worked — DA Operator
  • IOTA references (See World IOTA Program) are multipliers [e.g. 14DA911 Eric works 38 islands (non-DA) (38 points) + 14 islands (DA) (42 points) x 40 island references.  Score is 80 x 40 = 3200 points]


  • There are 2 types of islands valid for this event:
  1.  Islands which qualify for an IOTA reference
  2.  Islands which do not qualify for a reference (i.e. non-valid islands or N/V islands)
  • Inland Water Islands are not valid
  • Multiple contacts with the same island are valid if made with different stations — not operators using a second callsign
  • Only one contact per station is valid
  • For operators transmitting from an island, 1 contact only with a station on your own island is valid
  • No QSL cards are necessary to confirm any contact


  • Single operator only


  • The official IOTA-365 log sheet by 14DA028 Phil must be used.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE LOG SHEET – IOTA 365 LOG
  • Logs must be received by the Contest Managers by 1 February 2022
  • Please note that the IOTA-365 Organizing Team can and will crosscheck logs of island stations to ensure the integrity of the event.  Any log found to claim non-verified contacts will be disqualified from consideration.


  • Results and scores will be published on the DA-RC website