*DX NEWS* Cluster DX Lockout

Put aside Coronavirus lockdown hysteria for a moment — An issue that’s no doubt caught the eye of Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Users of online notification system Cluster DX is the *NEW* automatic 15 minute shutout-clock.

This constraint was put in place a short time ago by the site’s Admin and opinion in the 11m DX Community is divided on the merits of such a judgement…

Here’s how we see it at DA-RC HQ…

The new quarter of an hour lockout basically means that if you haven’t been active on the site for 15 minutes (i.e. on the Spot Board or Message Board) then you’re forced out of the Cluster.

Cluster DX Admin confirm that this new initiative (i.e. an enforced 15 minute lockout) eases the strain on the Cluster DX Server which costs plenty of money each year.

In our eyes, this is a completely legitimate reason based on the history of 11m internet cluster sites and we support the move..

Keep in mind that one of the killers of the original Cluster dk site was HIGH costs for hostage and we don’t want to see this occur again.

It’s our understanding that Cluster dk Admin were not able to meet the demands of an immensely popular online hobby platform that attracted so much attention, yet generated no income.

Such a decision by Cluster DX Admin to limit a User’s visitage to 15 minutes , then, to ensure the future sustainability of the website, is fully understandable.

In fact, it’s logical and responsible.

Those against the quarter of an hour shutout might argue that it basically comes down to ‘convenience’ and not having the annoyance of having to log in again after 15 minutes if you haven’t been involved on the Message or Spot Board.

In our opinion this is short sighted.

To prevent the enforced log-out, though, Cluster DX Users can simply press F5 key and this refreshes the Page.

The 15 minute timer then resets at 15 minutes.

Cluster DX continues to provide such an amazing service for 11m DX enthusiasts and on so many levels.

DA-RC Members and others are strongly encouraged to show their support for the site through sponsorship.

Not being able to access the Cluster DX’s staggering features for a period of just 15 minutes is a reminder of the marvellous resource we might be tempted to take for granted.

73 de DA-RC HQ