*DX NEWS* Cluster DX Bans Covid19 Chat

As of March 28, 2020, Cluster DX Admin have made the extraordinary decision to ban all talk of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from its message board.

While other media (e.g. television, newspapers) and social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) are saturated with talk of the virus — opinions, advice to stop the spread, statistics, and more — Cluster dx site administrator 19LV002 PJ and his hardworking team have determined that this important hobby-related website is not the appropriate forum for such discussion.

At a time when people’s emotions are understandably high, such negative talk of global pandemics risks increasing anxiety and this is known to be the basis of the Cluster DX team’s responsible decision.

The recent announcement to outlaw all coronavirus chatter was delivered by ‘Private Message’ to all members of the site and this can be accessed by clicking on the red box in the top right hand side of the front page.

The title of the message is “TAKE A NOTE OF THIS”.