*PRODUCT REVIEW* Chameleon V1 Tripod Kit

Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna

Although not designed primarily for use on 27 MHZ frequencies, the 8 feet tall Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna, with its unique trap coil design and super flexibility, is indeed operational on 10m and a host of other bands too, although its performance is somewhat untested on 11m.

The subject of this product discussion is NOT the Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna which I have enjoyed limited time with however, more so one of its accessories — the DXpedition Compact Tripod Kit — which I purchased on eBay at a pay now price of US $130, along with the antenna itself.

For those who don’t know, a tripod is a three-legged stand for supporting an antenna apparatus (or a camera). 

Portable Use

Obviously, the reason why I was attracted to this product (ie. the Tripod Kit) was because I saw its potential for use in the field for DX work where the limitations of space for large antenna arrays was a concern. 

I also wanted to investigate the design features of the Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna tripod with a view to creating some design variations to accommodate a half wave vertical antenna such as the IMAX 2000 minus its radials or a Solarcon A99 for use on the Freeband in the future.

My Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna tripod kit came in the original black nylon bag with the other antenna equipment: 3/8-24 Mount Bar, C Clamp 2″, 25 Feet of 20Ga Counterpoise with 3/8″ Ring Tongues, Steel Tent Stake 8″ and the Chameleon V1 Balun 9:1 for work on other bands, tucked inside.

The first thing I found with the tripod kit was that it is lightweight, weighing in at around 1.6 pounds. 

Obviously this is important if you are lugging the kit great distances or to rugged DXstinations such as mountain summits for SOTA activities with a heap of other radio communications gear in tow.


Once out of the bag, the tripod and antenna were assembled in about 15—20 minutes.  Here, accompanying images and directions I had downloaded from the internet came in very handy. 

As the pictures suggest, the tripod has a liftable centre column, three aluminium legs with three interlockable positions and quick lever leg locks and non slippery rubber feet.  

Assembly of the antenna also was a breeze and both products appear to be very well made and robust.

On this note, I also tried fitting the tripod kit in my Expedition Pack MKII should/when I decide to try it out in the field. 

Tripod Kit

The folded length of 12.25 inches and upper leg diameter of 8.25 inches ensured it fit without a problem.  

For a portable purpose, I intend to transport the antenna, though, in two pieces into a PVC pipe. 

The pipe can then be used as a walking stick of sorts through rugged terrain.

In summing up, the Chameleon V1 HF multiband antenna tripod kit is the perfect accessory for field work and could easily be adapted for other vertical antennas using the B.A.R. design principle (ie. Bigger, Add, Remove or Replace). 

This product also reaffirmed my belief that three legged tripod systems to sustain lengths of telescopic mast are a realistic alternative for vertical or horizontal antenna erection on portable or DXpedition adventure because they are safe and sturdy and do not require excessive guying.

For more information on this product, please visit the website at http://www.chameleonantenna.com/

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