*ACTIVE NOW* Ile Chambenier IWI DXpedition

Fresh from his remarkable “Most Wanted” 235 Division dx adventure back in May, professional Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 14DA010 Stef will be QRV from diminutive two inland water island (IWI) entities in June 2022.

Ile Chambenier comprises 2 picturesque inland water islands, split between 2 communes — Loriol-sur-Drôme and Le Pouzin.

These exciting activations in southern France will be conducted especially for the 2022 World Islands Festival on the first weekend of June.

According to all known 11m data bases, one of the small-scale inland water islands has never before been active on the 11m band before and so represents a “NEW ONE” for serious DX Hunters and IWI enthusiasts alike.

The other was last active in 2014!

For more information, such as callsigns, island references, station info, QSL manager coordinations, and more, please check out the links in the right hand side menu, under DXpedition List.