*DX RESOURCE* Australian Ham Radio Handbook

Most Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Members in Australia are also licensed amateurs while most of those who are not aspire to be so.

An outstanding resource which comes recommended by a couple of Members who recently graduated to the ranks of ham is ‘The Australian Ham Radio Handbook’ by Peter Parker VK3YE.

‘The Australian Ham Radio Handbook’ is said to be 145 pages of very informative material that will help you become a radio amateur, set up a station and make contacts on air.

Written for Australian conditions late in 2019, its 145 pages covers practical topics that existing licence study and theory books miss.

For beginning and experienced hams alike, it’s an ideal read for anyone interested in taking up, continuing in or returning to amateur radio.

What’s Inside?

First there’s a quick tour of what amateur radio can offer.

That includes things you can do right now, with no special equipment or licences required.

Then it describes how to get your callsign and set up a station.

Equipment and antennas are covered next.

You’ll find information on what items are necessary and where you can get it, whether you choose to buy new, buy used or build your own.

Later you’ll learn about what different radio frequencies do, the diverse activities hams enjoy and winning tips that will get you contacts almost any time you turn on.

Near the end we cover things you can add to make your equipment more versatile, technical subinterests and how you can learn more.

It even includes an introduction to learning Morse Code, with links to improve your skills even further.

All up it’s over 100 pages of solid information that deserves to be in any Australian amateur’s shack.

‘The Australian Ham Radio Handbook’ is obtainable from a number of suppliers for just under $24.00 + postage: