*DX NEWS* EU-072 IOTA Tour

Standby Island Hunters for a pulsating challenge as 13DA012 Joe takes to the field from 2 new Greek Islands as part of his EU-072 IOTA Tour.

This time, however, it will be achieved in QRP mode with 6 watts and a Bazooka antenna strong from trees dotting the islands shore.

DA-RC HQ can confirm that our experienced dx adventure enthusiast will travel to Arkos Island and Tsougria Island in a rental boat, followed by Skopelos Island on the Friday.

Never before activated on the 11m band according to Islands Base Online, Arkos is a tiny isolated and uninhabited island in Skiathos and part of the Thessalia Region IOTA group, in accordance with the World Islands program.

IOTA Maps locates this superb island dxstination a stone’s throw from Skiathos island, in the Sporades Region of Greece.

Visible from the clock tower in Skiathos town, Arkos Island has a few lovely beaches with sand and turquoise water.

Tsougria, Tsoungria, or Tsougkria is a Greek island in the western part of the Sporades, found 4km southeast of Skiathos island.

A beautiful place covered with pine trees and with beautiful beaches, Tsougria Island (See below) has no resident population, as it’s a protected natural habitat.

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