Sponsors List, Updated 14/5/2022

See below the current list of sponsors for the upcoming 500DA/0 activity, updated on May 14, 2022.

Please note that the email address for all PayPal donations to support this activity is delta.alfa.activation@gmail.com thank you.

All sponsors will receive a confirmation message from a representative of the DXpedition team when the donation has been received.

Please be sure to include your name, callsign, email address, Facebook profile and coordinations in the comments field of your PayPal transaction.

On behalf of the DXpedition Team, we thank you for supporting the team’s efforts to achieve this “Most Wanted” DX activity for the 11m community.


  1. 26AT103 Sean
  2. 13IR100 Stefan
  3. 3DX027 Flavio
  4. 14DA010 Steph
  5. 34RC213 Paco
  6. 13AT464 Alex
  7. 13DX011 Finn
  8. 35WR035 Franck
  9. 30VR101 Joan
  10. 19AT515 Ron
  11. 47DX109 Jesper
  12. 1AT070 Simon
  13. 1ST001 Massimo
  14. 14AT201 Farid
  15. 161SD102 Darek
  16. 31AT183 Nuno
  17. 43DA162 Brett
  18. 3AT027 Vanderlei
  19. 3SD170 Thiago
  20. 43DA007 Mike
  21. 14DA011 Bruno
  22. 14DA049 Fred
  23. 14AT119 Guy
  24. 1AT746 Alessandro
  25. 161AT135 Syl
  26. 19AT256 Twan
  27. 15AT101 Steve
  28. 13AT398 Hans
  29. 3DA012 Roger
  30. 3DX015 Adriano
  31. 13AT015 Joe
  32. 10RC555 Edgar
  33. 30AT766 Jose
  34. Your name and QRZ ?!?!