Vanuatu DXpedition Sponsors, Updated 5/10/22

Check out the updated list of sponsors below for our dx adventure activities in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu (197 Division).

This is an awesome opportunity to contribute towards a serious dxpedition across multiple islands, plus an all time new IOTA group, and some excellent benefits are offered (See above).

Please note that the email address for all PayPal donations to support this activity is thank you.

All sponsors will receive a confirmation message from a representative of the DXpedition team when the donation has been received.

Please be sure to include your name, callsign, email address, Facebook profile and coordinations in the comments field of your PayPal transaction.

On behalf of the DXpedition Team, we thank you for supporting the team’s efforts to achieve this exciting DX activity for the 11m community.


  1. 3AT136 Sérgio
  2. 14AT650 Gigi
  3. 178AT111 Andy
  4. 26SR102 Rob
  5. 30AT766 Jose
  6. 1SR231 Giuseppe
  7. 13SD016 Michael
  8. 30VR101 Joan
  9. 14AT224 David
  10. 9AT119 Alex
  11. 13AT016 Mike
  12. 35SR159 Chris
  13. 13AT031 Martin
  14. 13AT015 Joe
  15. 43DA050 Geoff
  16. 19AT515 Ron
  17. 1SR110 Giulio
  18. 1AT311 Enrico
  19. 43AT101 Steve
  20. 10RC555 Edgar
  21. 1AT48 Max
  22. 1SD014 Fabio
  23. 13AT555 Marcus
  24. 2DA120 Tom
  25. 3DX027 Flavio
  26. 14AT119 Guy
  27. 1AT152 Francesco
  28. 35WR035 Frank
  29. 19AT256 Twan
  30. 68DA052 Bertie
  31. 13IR100 Stefan
  32. 14DA049 Fred
  33. 14DA011 Bruno
  34. 14DA010 Stephane
  35. 14DA073 Thierry
  36. 13AT396 Chris
  37. 13AT398 Hans
  38. Your QRZ?