*MEET* 93DA062 Paul

Licensed ham; 30 year devotee of citizens band (CB) radio ops; stanch pursuer of Freeband DX; our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is excited to introduce to you 93DA062 Paul from the southern European island DXCC of Malta.

In our 12 year history, Paul is our first ever member in this country and his QSL card will no doubt be high on the hit-list of any serious DXer in the eleven meter community.

A professional and experienced guy, formerly known on 26-27 MHz frequencies as 93SI05 from his time in the Sierra India club back in the 1990’s, 93DA062 Paul unites with our awesome club in late October, 2021, with an exciting future indeed with the prestigious Delta-Alfa call.

Like every DA-RC member before him, 93DA062 Paul satisfies stringent terms for membership in the DX Hunter category (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

Shown right, 93DA062 Paul’s home, officially the Republic of Malta, is a stunning archipelagic country in the Mediterranean Sea and a rare DXCC on the eleven meter band in anyone’s log book.

80 km south of Italy (1 Division), 284 km east of Tunisia (147), and 333 km north of Libya (92), Malta (93 Division) is the world’s tenth smallest country; one which has very few active 27 MHz DX enthusiasts and multiple IOTA DXpedition opportunities.

The DA-RC Directory confirms that 93DA062 Paul is located on 93 Division’s main island, in central Malta.

Only the three largest islands — Malta, Gozo and Comino — are inhabited according to Wikipedia.

All of these spectacular islands, though, share the special IOTA reference number EU-023 in accordance with the World IOTA program (See: https://iota-world.org/islands-on-the-air/iota-groups-islands/group/352.html).

Numerous bays along the indented coastline of these beautiful islands provide great harbors which are ideal for launch pads to smaller isles off the coastline…

And, according to the Islands Base Online, there are 10 possible islands on the DXpedition menu…

These include Saint Paul’s Rock, Filfla, Gozo, Manoel, Tas Safra, Cominetto, Fungus rock, Malta, Mistra rock and Comino

See http://islands.upway.pl/find_for.php?do=search&pr=93&io=&re=&na=.

According to the reliable IBO Data Base, Filfola (a small, mostly barren, uninhabited islet 4.5 km south of Malta) (Pictured below) and Fungus rock (a small islet in the form of a 60m high massive lump of limestone at the entrance to an almost circular black lagoon in Dwejra) (Pictured left) have never before been activated on the eleven meter band.

These represent exciting IOTA DX possibilities indeed for 93DA062 Paul in the future.

In fact, 93DA/EU-023 from one of these dxstinations is a mind-blowing proposition indeed for the world’s population of serious Island Chasers.

According to 93DA062 Paul, Malta is a great tourist destination with its warm climate, abundant recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments.

These include three UNESCO World Heritage Sites — Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Valletta (Pictured right), and seven megalithic temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.

93DA062 Paul escapes the mild winters and hot summers of his country’s Mediterranean climate through photography, pistol target shooting and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around his home.

93DA062 Paul has a simple station, enriched by his island QTH and proximity to major DX markets.

“Currently my station build-up is a RCI 2950 transceiver, first generation,” explains Paul.

“The antenna is a home-built full-length dipole, about 4 meters above my house roof…”

Outside of radio communications, 93DA062 Paul is a qualified nurse who works in the local health department.

Such an important profession, nurses like Paul administer meds, keep records, monitor patients, consult with other healthcare providers, and educate individuals and their families on healthcare.

93DA062 Paul’s primary interest in radio comms, in addition to chasing rare DX on the world’s best HF band, is building his own antennas.

His full length dipole which has staggering results across all bands is evidence of that!

93DA062 Paul is QRV on the world 11m Call Frequency, 27.555 MHZ USB.

He is able to confirm any contact made with his station via a special DA QSL card, upon request.


“Will QSL First”