*MEET* 91DA770 Toto

Indonesia (Formerly known as ‘the Dutch East Indies’) is a hub of citizens band (CB) and ham radio activity; an archipelago of some 17,000 possible island DXstinations with a rich history of producing some of the most exciting Islands On the Air (IOTA) opportunities on the planet.

Uniting with our club in April 2020 via the ‘DX Hunter category’, serious Freebander 91DA770 Toto resides on Java, a volcano-dotted island in the Indonesian archipelago between Sumatra (OC-143) to the west, Bali (OC-022) to the east, Borneo (OC-088) to the north and the Australian external territory of Christmas Island (217 Division) (OC-002) to the south.

Home QTH to a number of DA-RC members whom are equally at home on the ham bands as they are on 27 MHz frequencies, 91DA770 Toto’s island possesses the reference OC-021 in accordance with the IOTA-World Program.

On the outskirts of the Indonesian capital city of ‘Jakarta’ is the abode of admired Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 91DA770 Toto, a successful DX Hunter in the Indonesian community with a strong on-air presence on citizens band frequencies.

In the west part of Java, 91DA770 Toto’s city is called ‘Bogor’ which is located at 60 km south, or a mere one hour by road from Jakarta.

Once known as Buitenzorg meaning ‘free of care’, Bogor is at the foothills of Mt Salak and is home of the Indonesia’s

 Agricultural University and the Zoological Museum which is said to display the last stuffed rhino found in the Bandung plateau.

“I love the adventure of off-road jeep driving and motocross riding,” reveals the newest addition to the DA-RC-Indo Team.

“From Bogor city, the steep road climbs up passing picturesque mountain resorts all the way to the Peak and there’s plenty of mountain trails to ride.”

“I have a lightweight Suzuki Jimny 4×4 and my motorcycle is a Suzuki TS-125cc…”

Just beyond Puncak (the Peak) before reaching Cipanas, is the 85 hectare Cibodas Park just at the foot of Mt Gede-Pangrango.  

This park has a collection of 1,293 species of plants, 144 types of lichens, and 1,826 herbariums and besides being a place of sprawling gardens for tourists to enjoy and relax in, Cibodas is mainly a center for conservation, research and education on the environment.

The amazing Taman Safari Park is located on this beautiful but winding route also.

Closely linked to 91DA770 Toto’s love of off-road driving and electronics is an affection for modelling remote control (RC) cars.

Building the home made mini-machines is just a challenge he enjoys in his spare time, but testing them out on the paths or local parks is a great way to spend an afternoon.

When it comes to ‘shack-snacks’, Bogor is famous for its delicious cuisine.

Some dishes include Toge Goreng (Sprouts or ‘toge’ fried with yellow noodles and chunks of tofu) (See pictured right); Asinan Bogor (tropical fruits such as galangal, salak, pineapple, and guava mixed with vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, and cucumber); Laksa Bogor (sprouts, rice noodles, boiled eggs, and basil leaves, added with coconut milk sauce); Bread Unyil (banana cheese, corn, and chocolate flavoured bread) and Ubi Bakar Cilembu (roasted cassava from Cilembu area).

In addition to a fascination with radio communications and the thrill of motorsports, 91DA770 Toto is a keen gun enthusiast who’s into hunting and military firearms.

He’s member of the local gun club and also visits the shooting ranges for target practice.

For employment, 91DA770 Toto owns a tobacco store and being his “own boss’ means he’s able to get away and spend some time on the radio when the band is open.

The allure of working a new DXCC or island on his favourite band is just too good to pass up.

“I’ve loved radio since I was 15 years old until now,” he says.

“My main radio is an Alinco DX-SR8 base HF transceiver which does 100 watts but there are some others in my shack which I operate from time to time. 

My antenna for 27 MHz is a Gazden…”

If you hear 91DA770 Toto QRV on the International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, or on the Indonesian chat frequency, 27.305 MHz USB, please give him a call!


Aster 3 Street No. 11 Complex Pakuan 2 Tajur, Bogor City, West Java Indonesia 16134