*MEET* 91DA319 Eddy

Licensed ham, experienced contester and well-known Eleven Meter band DX Hunter…

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you 91DA319 Eddy from the effervescent Indonesian archipelago who connects with our club in January 2021.

Previously recognised on the air ways as 91SF911, Eddy has been active in radio comms from his equatorial QTH for more than 30 years.

During this time he has established himself as one of Indonesia’s best known 11m DX Hunters, in addition to collecting a number of awards for his sublime efforts on ham bands.

Seen pictured right behind the mic, 91DA319 Eddy achieves Membership with the DA-RC via the ‘DX Hunter Category’ with 137 countries confirmed on the 11m band (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

From his TX base in the largest country in Southeast Asia, he looks forward to consolidating this tally in the years to come with the arrival of a brand new solar cycle and increased DX opportunities.

Within the vibrant 27 MHz DX market that is Indonesia (formerly known as the Dutch East Indies), 91DA Eddy resides in West Java Province (Jawa Barat) on Java Island (OC-021).

His city is Bekasi, which is located on the eastern border of Jakarta, on the north-west coast.

According to Eddy, Bekasi is one of the oldest cities in 91 Division with evidence of its existence dating back to the 5th century qat which time it was the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Tarumanagara.

91DA319 Eddy is a talented musician who plays the guitar, drums, keyboard and sings in a rock band.

His other hobbies and interests include outdoor sports such as table tennis, motor bikes, guns and shooting.

An interesting pastime of Eddy and his family is is rearing chickens and roosters!

Eddy’s city is also the home base of the popular soccer team Bhayangkara FC, with Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium as the home stadium of the club.

“Laid-back and jam-packed with great places to eat, Bekasi is the best place to base yourself,” says 91DA319 Eddy, “if you want to blend an exploration of Jakarta with access to the Javanese countryside.”

“It’s also a fabulous place to shop with malls like Mega Bekasi and the stalls of Pasar Proyek great for picking up bargains…”

Bekasi also has proximity to islands in the Seribu Islands (OC-177) IOTA group which 91DA319 Eddy may target in the future with 1 or 2 of his 91 Division brothers.

Islands such as Pari, Payung Besar and Tidung and others, never before active on Freeband frequencies, would make for incredible IOTA contacts indeed for the International 11m Community’s many serious Island Hunters.

91DA319 Eddy balances his involvement with the DA-RC with membership with local involvement in the YBDX CLUB, the Indonesian Radio Amatir Organization (IRAO) and ORARI, which stands for the Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia.

Like most DA-RC members, 91DA Eddy’s interests within the hobby of radio comms are diverse.

In addition to his work on 10, 11, 40 and 15m bands, 91DA319 Eddy is an avid data modes DX Hunter who specialises in RTTY and PSK31.

He also enjoys constructing his own antennas.

91DA319 Eddy Eddy’s home station consists of Kenwood TS-440S and Yaesu Vx 1700 rigs with home brew yagi and vertical antennas.

This ensures his callsign is always one of the most audible on any one of the 11m call frequencies, including 27.555 MHz USB and 27.305 MHz USB where he is regularly listening.


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