*MEET* 91DA110 Hariadi

From the ‘Ring of Fire’ region of the Indian Ocean dwells accredited ham DX Hunter, keen contester, Ham Sphere User (91HS5155) and enthusiastic 27 MHz radio operator 91DA110 Hariadi.

Mr Hariadi links with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in November 2020, joining an impressive team of guys in the 91 Division at the onset of Cycle 25.

91DA110 Hariadi’s home in the Republic of Indonesia is the volcano-dotted island of Java which occupies the reference OC-021 in accordance with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA Program.

According to Wikipedia, this island is the 12th largest in the world and the fourth largest island of Indonesia.

Java Island contains no fewer than 112 volcanoes, forty-five of which are active.

The highest is Mount Semeru at 3676m but the most active volcano on this island, and also in Indonesia, is Mount Merapi which is recorded as 2914 m high.

Here, 91DA110 Hariadi’s hometown is ‘Kebumen’, a charming seaside QTH, affectionately known as the “Swallow City”.

Kebumen is widely known for its football (soccer and futsal) teams.

The team Persak Kebumen, which stands for Indonesian Football Association of Kebumen, plays its home games at Chandradimuka Stadium; while SKN FC Kebumen play in the Indonesia Pro Futsal League.

In addition to high quality footy games, notable tourist attractions in this area include Menganti Beach (See below), Jatijajar Cave (See right), Sempor Dam, Wisata Alam Jembangan and Pentulu Indah Hill.

A conceivable Castles & Fortresses On The Air (COTA) opportunity for Mr Hariadi and his Java team mates is the Fort Van der Wijck.

This is a spectacular 19th-century fort & military compound, built by General Johannes Van den Bosch, that’s now been converted to a recreational site.

There’s also an old Dutch fortress located on Karangbandung beach, a short drive from Kebumen.

A possible IOTA DXstination for 91DA110 Hariadi and other Java based DA-RC Members, and one that’s never before been active on the 11m band, is Nusa Kambangan Island.

This fascinating island is separated from the south coast of Java by a narrow strait called ‘Segara Anakan’.

Dubbed by some as the “Alcatraz of Indonesia”, this island is notorious for its Supermax prisons, home to convicted murderers, terrorists, drug traffickers, and those convicted in high-profile corruption cases.

It’s sometimes known as “Execution Island” too because it’s the main location for carrying out capital punishment around Java.

A qualified electrician by trade, 91DA110 Hariadi (Se pictured above) is skilled in radio repairs and antenna installations and this was his entry in radio communications, a hobby in which he’s been involved for more than 10 years.

Currently, 91DA110 Hariadi’s station features an Icom IC-M710 HF SSB Radio, specifically designed for maritime mobile apps but ideal for ham and 11m DXing.

Run through a 40A Dakai power supply, this wonderful radio covers all bands and offers a full 150 W (PEP) of output power, ensuring his TX signal on any one of the world’s calling frequencies is always conspicuous.

Outside his home in Kebumen, is a home-made wire dipole that provides versatility across all bands in a limited space environment.

91DA110 Hariadi’s down time, away from work, is spent listening to music and spending time with his family.

He’s also heavily engaged in volunteer work, supporting others less fortunate in his local community, cleaning up after natural disasters and more.


Via DA-RC HQ Oceania