*MEET* 91DA007 Eko

In the Republic of Indonesia, 91DA007 Eko is a valuable addition to the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in April 2020, complementing an already strong team of 91 Division members.

Eko is a qualified Civil Engineer; a guy with impeccable credentials — not just in the Construction Industry  – but also in the exciting world of radio comms in which his heart lies.

“Since I finished high-school in 1985, explains Eko, “I’ve been in the hobby of communication. 

Even through university study at Diponegoro University in Semarang, Central Java, many years ago…”

As a devoted 27 MHz DX Hunter based on the island of Java (IOTA Reference: OC-021), 91DA007 Eko uses a Yaesu FT-80C, a compact SSB/CW/AM/FM transceiver providing 100 watts of TX power output on all frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz.

Pictured above, his antenna of choice is a homemade 3 element Delta Loop, perched about 10m from the ground, with perfect views of neighbouring surrounds.

This equipment enables him to make regular contacts across Australasia at the current stage of the cycle and stay in touch with fellow 91 Division operators on islands scattered across the Archipelago.

91DA007 Eko’s city is Bogor, which is 60km south of the capital Jakarta and 85 km northwest of Bandung on Java Island.

It’s set against the volcanic backdrop of Mount Salak (“Silver Mountain”), a holy mountain according to the Sunda Wiwitan indigenous beliefs of West Java.

Not far from 91DA007 Eko’s residence, this mountain has been described as an ‘airplane graveyard’.

High turbulence and fast-changing WX conditions of the mountainous terrain are cited as contributing factors to multiple aviation crashes in the area.

Mystical explanations have also been proposed for these tragedies, such as the mountain’s strong magnetic energy fields.

It’s also been reported that there are at least 40 ancient tombs scattered over the mountain.

The 6th largest city of Jakarta, Bogor is said to be an important economic, scientific, cultural and tourist center, as well as a mountain resort.

It’s also one of the leading cities of Indonesia by the number of museums, some of which are among the oldest and largest in the country.

A couple are the Zoological Museum, opened in 1894 by the Dutch colonial administration, and the Pembela Tanah Air Museum which reflects the history of the Indonesian military militia PETA created during World War II by the Japanese administration.

Other tourist attractions, according to 91DA007 Eko, are the Jungle Waterpark, Ah Poong Floating Market, Nymph Waterfall, Gunung Mas Tea Estate, Pasar Baru markets, Bogor Botanical Garden, the Summer Palace of the President of Indonesia, the Bogor Cathedral and many Hindu temples such as Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartta.

In the heart of Eko’s city is one of the last gongsmiths in Java, one that still makes gongs in the traditional way.

The gongs are created by smelting them over a charcoal fire and then used to make the famous Indonesian instrument called ‘gamelan’

When he’s not engaged in construction work or playing radios, Eko enjoy listening to music, travelling and sports – things he prefers doing with his wife, Ratna.

91DA007 Eko is heard regularly on the International Call Frequency 27.555 MHz USB, hunting contacts with northern Asia or European DXCC via the short path or South Pacific islands in late UTC hours.

He also enjoys the comradery of friends on other 91 Division islands on the Indonesian chat frequency, 27.305 MHz USB (i.e. Channel 30) and is often found QRV on this frequency.

For serious Island Chasers, Java is always a well appreciated contact so Eko and the beautiful double 91 Division QSL card is sure to be an attractive commodity for the DA-RC’s resident IOTA Hunters.


Bukit Nirwana Raya 1 Street, No. 32, Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR), Bogor City, West Java – 16135, Indonesia