*MEET* 79DA924 Leo

The Philippine Islands Team and DA-RC HQ are proud to announce the arrival of 79DA924 Leo who achieves membership with our club in late September, 2021.

Like most Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members, Leo (Seen pictured above) is a licensed amateur radio operator, as well as an eager eleven meter band DX Hunter.

He’s been involved in radio communications for almost 30 years.

Through previous activity on 27 MHz frequencies as 79PH001, and terrific contest success on ham bands, Leo ticks off requirements for DA-RC membership in the DX Hunter category (See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/)

79DA924 Leo balances his membership with the DA-RC with a commitment to WAPI Amateur Radio Operators Inc.

Recognised as DX1WPI, the group of local Laguna ops host nets, ham education meetings, social events, participates in contests such as the CQ WPX Contest, and much more.

Of his archipelagic country’s 7640 islands, 79DA924 Leo resides on Luzon Island at the northern end of the Philippines.

Known for its mountains, beaches and coral reefs, and home to Manila, the national’s capital, Luzon (OC-042) is the country’s largest and most populous island.

79DA924 Leo’s home here is in the City of Biñan, in the province of Laguna.

Located 35 km south of Manila, Biñan is bounded on the north by San Pedro, on the west by General Mariano Alvarez, Carmona, and Silang, on the south by Santa Rosa, while on the east lies the Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country.

Biñan is a location for some of the Philippines’ largest industrial estates and export processing zones.

It also has the largest public market in the province of Laguna, and in the whole Calabarzon Region.

A common sight, according to Leo, is the preparations and setting up of the wholesalers and the arrival of jeepneys and trucks carrying various items such as fruits, vegetables, dry goods, dairy products, meat, fish, chicken, etc.

The city is also famous for a type of pancake made from rice flour, topped with cheese or butter (Puto Biñan).

There are also slices of savory salted egg on top to contrast the mildly sweet pancake base.

The best known makers of Puto in Biñan are located in the barangay of San Vicente, and the city is renowned as “The Home of the Famous Puto Biñan in Laguna”.

79DA924 Leo’s shack is set-up for success.

On the benchtop feature a long list of radios which include and a President HR2510 all mode 10 meter radio which has AM, FM, LSB, USB and CW modes and is a proven DX performer.

Outside, as the picture above shows, are a number of horizontal and vertically polarized antennas which provide versatility, depending on his band of choice.

The main one is a 5/8 vertical antenna.

In addition to radio communications, and spending time with friends and family, 79DA924 Leo enjoys video editing and photography.

He also owns a motor bike and enjoys riding.

“My plan is to enjoy the DX contacts within this band,” he says.

“I plan to encourage myself to enhance my station more to build to this kind of activity…”

79DA924 Leo is QRV on the International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

He also monitors  26.965 MHz where he’s often heard in rag chew with friends and other DA-RC members in the 79 Division.


Via DA-RC HQ OC, PO Box 3140, Browns Plains LPO, Q, Australia, 4118