*MEET* 79DA888 Raymond

A recently licensed ham radio operator and enthusiastic 27 MHz citizens band (cb) enthusiast, 79DA888 Raymond from the Republic of the Philippines connects with our club in April 2020, adding to an impressive group of highly motivated Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members in southeast Asia.

In addition to being excited about his acceptance into the DA-RC, 79DA888 Raymond (Pictured right after receiving his ham license) is a committed part of the new Mabuhay Communications Group (MABCOM) in the Philippines.

This is an organisation of hobbyists, bonded over their Filipino roots and passion for amateur radio, with links to the main branch Mabuhay Communications Group of Canada.

His passion for radio comms stems from his time at College where he was able to use the school radios and learn about operating and technical topics.

In modern times, 79DA888 Raymond’s interests in radio comms are diverse and he operates on a range of bands and modes where he has a large network of friends.

For activity on 27 MHz, he uses a rare Midland 7001 Export (400 Channel Version) transceiver which overs 26.005-27.995 MHz and a homebrew antenna.

On his shack benchtop are also two ICOM rigs for work on 2m — an Icom IC-28A (25 watts) and IC-281H (50 watts).

These are in line with a CP22E high-gain monoband antenna made from heavy-duty aluminium construction which is rated at 6.5dB gain, positioned high above his house.

79DA888 Raymond resides in Dasmariñas City, in the province of Cavite, 30 km south of Manila on Luzon island in the South China Sea.

According to the atlas, it’s part of the Calabarzon region and characterized by rolling hinterlands punctuated by hills; shoreline fronting Manila Bay at sea level; and the rugged Dos Picos mountains.

Tourism plays a large part in 79DA888 Raymond’s city’s economy and it has a large selection of hotels and resorts catering to tourists, as well as a number of other unique landmarks worthy of a QSO.

The DC Park (also known as Kadiwa Park) is a large park featuring sculptures and animatronics of animals and dinosaurs and this attracts tourists from nearby towns and provinces.

The Museo De La Salle, located within the campus of the De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, is a unique, cultural institution dedicated to preserving the Philippine ilustrado lifestyle, promoting the interests of museology and upholding appreciation of the country’s arts and culture.

The scenic zigzag Daño Street offers a great view of the city’s fields and becomes a ‘tiangge’ or a bazaar during the holiday season.

The Promenade Des Dasmariñas, said to be part of the river rehabilitation and beautification efforts, is a world-class urban garden park located along the tributaries of Imus River.

According to Raymond, Dasmariñas City has numerous fiestas and events, from the barangay religious feasts all the way to a citywide fiesta.

Gawad Karangalan is an annual event that recognizes the academic and personal achievements of outstanding Dasmarineño students in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Dasmariñas Day in October pays tribute local heroes who gallantly served the town of Dasmariñas consequently paving the way to our success as a city today.

PIctured right, the Paruparo Festival in November each year is celebrated to commemorate the incorporation of the city of Dasmariñas with people dancing in the busy streets with butterfly costumes.

For more than a decade, 79DA888 Raymond was employed at a call centre, providing outstanding customer service and support to many.

He’s now self-employed as an Aviculturist, though, which is far more challenging!

Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds, especially of wild birds in captivity.

“I breed parakeets, african lovebirds, finches and budgerigars,” reveals Raymond.

“My work generally focuses on not only the raising and breeding of these birds, but also on preserving avian habitat, and public awareness campaigns…”

In addition to radio comms and breeding birds, 79DA888 Raymond enjoys a variety of leisure pursuits in his spare time.

He listens to pop, country, praise and alternative rock music.

His interest in sports takes in darts, basketball and volleyball. 

There are plenty of sports competitions in and around his city which cater for these sports, however, Raymond also loves the international competition.

One of Raymond’s other passions is motorbikes.

He takes part in the Nation Wide Unity Ride against discrimination, organised by the Rider Of The Philippines (ROTP) and has a large number of friends with whom he rides often.

With propagation on the improve due to the arrival of Solar Cycle 25, you’ll hear 79DA888 Raymond on the Freeband hub 27.555 MHz USB chasing DX contacts with more regularity, or on one of the nearby other frequencies rag chewing with other 79 Division operators across the archipelago.


B42 L5 Windward Hills Subd. Ph.1 Brgy. Burol 1 Dasmariñas City Cavite Philippines 4115