*MEET* 79DA383 Conrad

The Republic of the Philippines, in South-East Asia, is home to Dx Adventure Radio Club member 79DA383 Conrad who connects with the DA-RC in December 2020.

A well respected and highly knowledgeable hobbyist, Conrad is a 20-year ham radio operator who resides in this fascinating, bustling western Pacific DXCC; a professional person with a strong interest in chasing DX on 26-27 MHz frequencies in which he’s committed for the upcoming solar cycle.

There’s said to be almost 8000 island dxstinations scattered across the Philippines archipelago and 79DA383 Conrad (Pictured below right) can be found on the main island of Luzon.

The DA-RC’s resident population of keen island chasers will confirm that this island possess the reference OC-042 in accordance with the IOTA World Program (See: IOTA Groups & Islands (iota-world.org).

Here, in the Calabarzon region (formally known as the Southern Tagalog Mainland), the province of Laguna is Conrad’s home.

The country’s third largest province, Laguna lies on the southern shores of Laguna de Bay, the largest freshwater lake in the country.

Interestingly, the lake contains a number of ATNO Inland Water Islands (IWI), the largest of which is Talim Island, and these are sure to be on 79DA383 Conrad’s agenda in the not so distant future.

Somewhat of a SOTA dx adventurer’s dream also, 79DA383 Conrad’s province is refuge to 24 mountains — most of which are inactive volcanoes.

According to Wikipedia, the highest peak is Mt. Banahaw (See pictured above), which has an elevation of 2170 m.

In addition to its spectacular mountain-scapes, Laguna is also famous for a number of other attractions.

Some of these include Pagsanjan Falls, the hot spring resorts of Calamba on the slopes of Mt Makiling, Pila historic town plaza, Taytay Falls in Majayjay, the wood carvings and papier-mâché created by the people of Paeté, the annual Sampaguita Festival in San Pedro, the turumba of Pakil, the tsinelas footwears from Liliw, the Pandan Festival of Luisiana, the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, and the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan.

According to 79DA383 Conrad, Paete is known as the Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines for the murals found in the Saint James the Apostle Parish Church.

The church houses three murals created by Luciano Dans depicting images of Heaven, Earth, and Hell, as well as other murals of Saint Christopher.

Much like the rest of the country, Laguna celebrates multiple feasts and festivals throughout the year.

In fact, each barangay has their own fiesta in homage to a patron saint.

Some of Laguna’s famous festivals include the Turumba Festival in Pakil, the Pinya Festival in Calauan, and the Tsinelas Festival in Liliw.

Owing to its long history, Laguna has a host of sites that highlight the different periods of history in Laguna.

Pictured right, the Rizal Shrine in Calamba is the ancestral home of the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal.

Other historical sites include the Alberto House in Biñan, the Cuartel de Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa, the Pagsanjan Municipal Hall, the Pagsanjan Arch, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, the ancestral homes and Pinagbayanan crematorium in Pila, Emilio Jacinto Shrine in Santa Cruz, the Baker Memorial Hall in UP Los Baños, and the Tipakan in Luisiana.

Due to its proximity to Laguna de Bay (See pictured above), Laguna is home to a large number of its tributaries.

One of the most famous rivers in the province is the Bumbungan River, also known as the Pagsanjan River, named after the town of Pagsanjan and its falls.

The amazing Pagsanjan Falls lie at the end of the river and have an incredible drop of 120m.

79DA383 Conrad’s city is known as Biñan and, according to Google Maps, it’s located 35km south of Manila, the nation’s capital.

Biñan is bounded on the north by San Pedro City, on the south by Santa Rosa City, and on the west by Carmona, Cavite.

The city is well-known for its popular summer destination, Splash Island.

Given the 79 Division has a tropical maritime WX that’s usually hot and humid, it’s not surprising that Splash Island is regarded as the country’s premiere water recreation theme park.

Pictured above, 79DA383 Conrad’s island station consists of an Anytone AT-555N transceiver with coverage from 25.615 – 30.105 MHz, numerous DXcessories and a 20-foot long vertical, omnidirectional, antenna, on a 12-foot mast.

Although simple, this set-up — coupled with his sublime equatorial location — ensures he’s one of the loudest RX signals in the archipelago.

Outside of the shack, when he’s not QRV on Freeband frequencies or any one of the ham bands (including 10m, 40m, 2m & 70cm), 79DA383 Conrad enjoys tinkering with electronic homebrews in the company of friends in the local Calabarzon Radio Communicators Club.

In fact, he’s a proud DX1PRS (Pyramid Radio Society) Associate Member and DX1CRC Member/ experienced Net Controller with the Calabarzon Radio Communicators (CRC) Group.

When he’s not enmeshed in his favourite hobby, 79DA383 Conrad lists bike riding, strumming a guitar, board games and puzzles as favourite leisure pursuits.

On 27 MHz frequencies, 79DA383 Conrad can be found on the International call frequency 27.555 MHz USB, calling “CQ” or listening for rare DX.

He enjoys ragchew ops with other DA-RC members in the South China Sea, too, and is always available for a QSO.

79DA383 Conrad has also committed to participating in the 11m Oceania Contest in January!


Blk.22 Lot 2 Juana 1 Complex, Biñan, Laguna Philippines 4024