*MEET* 79DA140 Rolando

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to announce that 79DA140 Rolando (Boyet) on the island of Luzon (OC-042) is a new member of our Club.

One of the most experienced and successful Ham and 11m DX Hunters on the Philippine Islands archipelago, Rolando has a previous connection with the Sugar Delta club back in the early 2000’s.

His old callsign was 79SD140.

During this time period, when the 11m band was smoking hot with 5/9 equatorial propagation, Rolando worked and confirmed more than a 150 DXCC from a simple island station.

Rolando’s ham callsign is DY1OJY and his achievements on other bands are equally impressive.

In late October 2018, Rolando links with the DA-RC, though, eager to immerse himself in our group’s attractive variety of projects (e.g. contests, dxpedition events, awards, etc.), social media platforms and resources.

He’s also keen to build on his DXCC tally with his new Delta-Alfa callsign as we move closer to Cycle 25 and the promise of better propagation.

With an impressive station, consisting of Kenwood TS 430s and RCI 2950 transceivers and  a Maco vertical 5/8 antenna 30 ft above the ground, this will be a definite possibility for our ‘friendly Filipino Freebander’.

In the province of Laguna, 79DA140 Rolando resides in Cabuyao City, on the banks of the Laguna de Bay — the country’s largest freshwater lake and the third largest in Southeast Asia.

Located 42 km southeast of Metro Manila, at the western portion of Laguna, this large body of water is famous for its fishing.

On this note, the Cabuyao Fishing Port can be found on Barangay Marinig where many Cabuyeños and Cabuyeñas take zumba every Saturday and Sunday as the sun rises.

Species caught in the lake are anduli, biya, talapia, ayungin, hito, karpa, mamale, bangus, dalag, papalo, kakasuhet and dulong.

Other well-known landmarks are the University of Cabuyao, City Plaza, Church of Saint Polycarp, Light Industry & Science Park of the Philippines I, Malayan Colleges Laguna, City Hall (Pictured right) and the Diocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer.

Graduating from the FEATI University (formerly known as the Far Eastern Aeronautics School), Rolando now enjoys a successful career at a major glass plant, a sister company of Fundador.

On weekends and holidays, when the country’s Tropical monsoon WX permits, 79DA140 Rolando enjoys martial arts.

He’s also a keen artist and enjoys drawing. 

The combat practices of martial arts though will no doubt hold him in good stead when the band kicks into life again and his 79 Division island is hammered with wall to wall DX!



PO Box 3140,

Browns Plains LPO,

QLD, Australia, 4118