*MEET* 79DA100 Jonathan

Veiled in the northernmost borough of the Philippine Islands archipelago, on the effervescent island of Luzon, is 79DA100 Jonathan — proud DX Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member since August 1, 2013!

A quick examination of logs from some of the world’s most sought after DXpeditions in recent years confirms that our Jonathan is indeed one of the hottest DX Hunters in southeast Asia.  Some might ‘say hotter than the nearby volcanoes of Pinatubo, the Taal and Mount Mayon!’

A certified ham and zealous 11m DXer, 79DA100 Jonathan’s home QTH is one of the most mind-boggling isles on the planet.  Possessing the IOTA Reference OC-042 in compliance with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA program, Luzon is one of most peopled in the world — behind only Java (91 Division), Honshu (25 Division), and Great Britain.  It’s also the world’s 17th largest island!

From cobblestone streets of the colonial town of Vigan to the bustling metropolis of Manila to the rice terraces of Banaue, where the seat of the government is located, Luzon is a bustling ants’ nest of activity, one parked within one of the most mountainous regions of the planet too.

For DA-RC’s many IOTA enthusiasts, a whopping  7107 islands comprise 79DA100 Jonathan’s DXCC, one which offers an abundance of rare and never before activated island DXstinations too; many of which are on Jonathan’s hit list in the future.

As a potential departure lounge for extreme dx adventure,  Luzon island is home to the famous Mount Pulag also — the third highest SOTA DXstination in the country.

Apart from hunting scarce DX in the cosiness of his home shack, 79DA100 Jonathan has also ‘been’ the DX after he participated in the recent Romeo Charlie DX Group HB25 celebrations as a Special Event Station (SES).  Pile-ups?  No problem!

Jonathan's Antennas

79DA100 Jonathan’s passion for DX is harmonized, to some small extent, by his interest in electronics; a curiosity which sees him forever on the lookout for faulty radio equipment to repair, experiment and tinker, and add to his 79 Division shack.  Transceivers, amplifiers, microphones, antennas, DXcessories…the works!

rice-terraces-of-bangaan-at-banaueWithin the radio comms orb, 79DA100 Jonathan is also engrossed in antenna theory and construction; as well as VHF and UHF radio, in scanning, exchanging QSL cards with radio friends and making home-brew circuits too.

When he’s not behind the microphone of his Ranger transceivers, an AR-3500 and RCI-2950, Jonathan is a dedicated family man (See pictured above), one whom also enjoys maintaining personal fitness through running long distances and other fierce endurance exploits.

As an enthusiastic DA-RC member — one whom enjoys sharing his knowledge of electronics with fellow hobbyists — no doubt you’ll be reading lots of fascinating stories and reports from 79DA100 Jonathan on our club’s website in the future.

QSL Infos

If you wish to confirm your contact with DA-RC member 79DA100 Jonathan from the Republic of the Philippines, and nab the special RSGB IOTA reference OC-042 for the DA-RC IOTA Challenge, then please send your QSL card, along with standard contribution + SAE, please to:

PO Box 3140
Browns Plains LPO
QLD Australia 4118


Please note that all cards and additions (e.g. postcards, sample QSL, phone cards, coins, etc.) will be passed on to Jonathan from DA-RC HQ OC.