*MEET* 79DA009 Jose

Mindanao Island in the southern region of the Philippines archipelago, in south-east Asia, is home to new Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 79DA009 / DW9IHK Jose from late October 2018.

The first EVER DA-RC member on this mesmerizing island QTH in the Sulu Sea, Mindanao is referenced as OC-130 in accordance with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) IOTA Program.

Local hams confirm it’s the perfect launchpad for IOTA Dxpedition work to the “Most Wanted” Mindanao Coastal Islands Group (OC-235) which are scattered around the main island.

A licensed ham and keen 11m/CB operator, Jose (See pictured right and above) joins the DA-RC via the DX Hunter classification with more than 100 DXCC worked and confirmed over a hobby career spanning more than 30 years.

A regular user of the International Freeband Call Frequency — 27.555 MHz USB — 79DA009 Jose (or “Doc Boy” as he’s affectionately known amongst friends), resides in Tacurong City in the province of Sultan Kudarat on the southwestern section of central Mindanao.

Here he works as a doctor, specializing in Dermatology (skin) and Venereology (venereal diseases).

Google Earth confirms that Sultan Kudarat is bounded on the north by the provinces of Maguindanao and North Cotabato; on the south by South Cotabato and Sarangani; on the east by Davao del Sur; and on the west by the Moro Gulf and the Celebes Sea.

Tacurong is home to migrants from the Islands of Panay and Negros, Ilocos, Cebu as well as Moro tribes such as Maranao, Tausug and Maguindanao and is said to be proud of its multicultural society.

[ As the majority of the migrants were from Panay and Negros, Hiligaynon became the most dominant language ].

One of 79DA009 Jose’s city’s most popular social events is the colourful  ‘Talakudong Festival’.

This is an annual street dancing and field demonstration comp held every 18th of September to celebrate the city’s unique culture.

[‘Talakudong’ originates from an Ilonggo word “kudong” which implies a “head covering” worn by the early pioneers of Sultan Kudarat].

A former peppercorn farm, Baras Bird Sanctuary just 20-30 minutes out of the city, is a popular eco-tourism site and exciting feature of Jose’s local area.  

Here, night heron, three species of egrets (Pictured above) and some 20,000 feathered friends live, migrating from as far afield as China.

In addition to its many festivals and mind-blowing bird refuge, Tacurong City is also known for its interesting and delectable cuisines.

Hot, sour and savory — an Ilonggo dish — Fresh Lumpia and Palabok (Pictured right), Native Chicken Bulalo, Grilled Native Chicken, Oven cooked native catfish and Bibingkang Kanin, which is Tacurong’s sticky rice cake, are some of the most renowned dishes.

A committed radio ‘communicologist’, 79DA009 Jose balances his DA-RC involvement with membership in the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), the National Telecommunications Commission and the Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HER) organisation.

When he’s not behind the mic of his Yaesu FT DX5000 transceiver or numerous other rigs hunting DX on ham bands, 11m frequencies or on HamSphere, 79DA009 Jose enjoys watching basketball, motorsport, listening to music, the performing arts, and watching movies.

Indeed, Mindanao Island is known for its moniker of being The Philippines’ “Land of Promise”.  

It’s this same spirit of adventure in which 79DA009 Jose excels and one which will no doubt see him remain one of his country’s most active DA-RC members in the years to come!


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