*MEET* 79DA007 Joel

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) welcomes new member 79DA007 Joel from the Philippine Islands who joins with us in late April, 2020.

Well-known and highly respected in the Philippines CB Radio Community, 79DA007 Joel joins a growing list of 79 Division operators who’ve elected to call the DA-RC home, settling in for some serious Cycle 25 propagation, with their prominent Delta-Alfa callsign.

The name of 79DA007 Joel’s island in the vast archipelago is ‘Luzon’, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines.

Home to many passionate 27 MHz operators, Luzon is referenced as OC-042 by the IOTA World Program.

Like many of his fellow members, 79DA007 Joel is a licensed ham radio operator who is QRV on a number of bands.

He balances his membership with the DA-RC with the Cavite Amateur Communication Club.

He’s also a keen 11m DX Hunter and joins the DA-RC in the DX Chaser Category.

79DA007 Joel resides in Tanza Cavite, on the shores of Manilla Bay, a place formerly known as Santa Cruz de Malabon.

Farming and fishing are the major sources of livelihood for the people there.

Fish are traded at a fish market located at Barangay Julugan.

Palay, vegetables, corn and fruits are also harvested and these are sold at the local market and to nearby municipalities.

Tanza is also the home of Cavite Gateway Terminal, the first roll-on, roll-off barge terminal in the Philippines.

After obtaining a degree at De La Salle University in Manilla, the nation’s capital city, 79DA007 Joel, pictured above on his Ducati bike, is now a Senior Radiographer at a leading Government Hospital.

Radiographers are specialist medical doctors who take and interpret x-rays and other medical images to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases and injuries.

“I’m working with a modified President Washington as my rig for 11 meters, together with a long wire antenna,” 79DA007 Joel explains.

When he’s not behind the mic in the comfort of his radio shack, safe from the tropical monsoon climate outside, 79DA007 Joel rides motorcycles around the coastal municipality.

Tourist Destinations here include the Holy Cross Church of Tanza and various Beach Resorts which overlook Manilla Bay.

Special Events and festivals include the Araw ng Taza in February and the Tanza Town Fiesta which is held in August 28.

79DA007 Joel also enjoys operating drones, nearby the seascapes of the Philippine Sea.

These are unpiloted aircraft vehicles or UAV — great for aerial photography of islands, beaches and local sites.

79DA007 Joel is proud to be a member of the DA-RC and looks forward to meeting many new friends on the air in the coming years.


Joel Trias

Unit G VSAV Bldg

Amaya 1

Tanza Cavite