*DX NEWS* 68DA101 Joe’s Aunt Anna

World DX Hunters be mighty invidious NOW!  From the gorgeous east coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland, Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 68DA101 Joe has kindly sent us a few photographs of his new-fangled Aunt Anna (antenna) system; a spectacular set-up any serious DX Seeker would be proud of!!!!

The assortment of dramatic photographs in this article show a colossal 60 foot Versatower, soaring far above 68DA101 Joe’s home in the 1000 year old seaport in 68 Division that is Lairne.

What’s more, at the tower’s apex is positioned an enormous 5 element long boom yagi; with a half-wave omnidirectional base station vertical called a ‘Silver Rod’ on top.

No wonder Joe’s signal is one of the strongest in Europe with these 2 DX weapons at his disposal!!!!

Tower accessories?  68DA101 Joe confesses to using a super Create RC5A-3 rotator system and, judging by information on eHam which credit it as being a 4.1 /5 rating, he unquestionably has a terrific assembly on his hands.  Nice one, mate!

By all reports, the celebrated Versatower is a crank-up and tilt-over galvanised lattice steel tower with a reputation as being one of the best in the world.  No wonder then that Joe reports to being very happy with the investiture.

So, next time you work our DA-RC friend in Northern Ireland then take the opportunity to ask him about his set-up.  He’s guaranteed to share more about the ingredients to a DX Hunter’s success than what’s been made available here and perhaps point you in the right direction of some guys who can make your own DX dreams come true!