*MEET* 5DA101 Alexis

QRV from the northern coast of South America, from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you 5DA101 Alexis.

A world-renowned ham radio operator and energetic 11m band DX Hunter, 5DA101 Alexis links with our club in mid-January 2023, intent on maximizing his enjoyment in HF ops with the arrival of Cycle 25.

We’re also excited to reveal that 5DA101 Alexis is the first EVER DA-RC member in this wonderful South American country!

An extensive accumulation of the world’s DXCC entities—an incredible 250 notched on Freeband frequencies—and world, continental and regional contest victories on ham bands, in particular, are highlights of more than 30 years participation in radio comms.

Attention-grabbing ham and 11m DX attainments are not the only inspiring feature on 5DA101 Alexis’ hobby resume, however.

Moreover, it’s his efforts in the field of dxpedition work—the area in which our club is perhaps best known—that are the most remarkable.

Impressively, 5DA101 Alexis has undertaken successful islands on the air (IOTA) dxpedition work to several islands in the La Tortuga (SA-044) and Aves (NA-020) island groups.

He’s also nailed hotly sought after DXCC such as Nicaragua and Suriname in Central and South America.

Fortunately for the world’s population of serious 11m DX Hunters, 5DA101 Alexis looks forward to enlarging this extraordinary dx adventure portfolio in the coming years!

Google Earth confirms that 5DA101 Alexis’ amazing country, Venezuela, is bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Colombia (6 Division), Brazil (3) on the south, Trinidad and Tobago (158) to the north-east and on the east by Guyana (22).

A country of golden sandy beaches and amazing natural phenomena, Division 5 is one of the most beautiful and wealthiest countries in terms of the volume of its unique natural resources and incredible mineral deposits.

The 33rd largest country in the world, Venezuela is known for being the home of the world-renown Angel Falls (Seen pictured above).

Known locally as Kerepakupai Vená, this is the world’s highest waterfall and one of Venezuela’s major tourist temptations.

Along Venezuela’s colourful Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands and potential IOTA dxstinations including Isla de Margarita and the picturesque Los Roques archipelago.

Yet it’s Caracas, the nation’s vibrant capital city (seen pictured above and left), where our very special DA-RC member 5DA101 Alexis resides.

A cultural center located in a northern mountain valley, Caracas has an abundance of eateries, theatres, museums, and shopping centers.

Commercially also, Caracas has some of the tallest skyscrapers in Latin America, such as the Parque Central Towers.

These are the centre point of a huge urban park, populated by buildings rather than trees and grass, and including museums, art galleries, a concert hall, stores, restaurants and cafes.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas—founded on 30 August 1973 by the journalist and art patron Sofía Ímber—is one of the most important in South America and a popular tourist attraction.

5DA101 Alexis is employed as a photojournalist (news photographer), graduating from the Now York Institute of Photography.

His job is to shoot photographs and expertly capture significant events, which can then be used to support documentaries or tell a story in news broadcasts.

When he’s not lurking behind the camera snapping photos, or on the microphone of his transciever with ears finely attuned to incoming signals, 5DA101 Alexis enjoys travel.

In fact, he loves to experience new connections with people and places and immerse himself in different cultures, finding it enables him to achieve personal growth and widen perspective on life.

Alexis also takes refuge in reading, building his knowledge through books of non-fiction, and cultivating his imagination in fictitious works.

Like all Dx Adventure Radio Club members, 5DA101 Alexis is QRV on the global 11m call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

Here, he actively chases international DX when propagation permits, always seeking to add a prestigious “New One” to his DX credentials.


Via DA-RC HQ SA, Rua Baianópolis 538 Jardim Ansalca Guarulhos, SP, Cep 07241120, Brazil