*DXPEDITION REPORT* 59044R, Saint Mathieu Island


Departure of the house with 14DA021 Eric was made at 7h00 GMT in direction of Dunkerque. 

We arrived one hour later and go towards 59045R for Ecluses Island for our 2017 World Islands Contest dx adventure.

imageWe installed the DX station, as well as the 1 element Quad antenna, and were surprised with a QRM of 5/9+ in all directions across the band.

This was caused by the transformer we suspect which was about 100m from our antenna.

Transmissions impossible, we decided to dismantle the station and antenna to travel immediately to 59044R Saint Mathieu Island

After arriving, we walked around the diminutive inland water island (IWL) to locate a quiet corner because we are in the city.

Eventually we settled on some land next to the Stadium of the Fort Louis and the Bergues Canal.


pêcheurs-rue-des-Forts-2015After our 1st call as 14DA/59044R was launched on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB, we QSYed to 27.430 MHz USB and 1st in the log was 14RC581 Olivier with 5/9. 

He was followed of Fabrice 14IR106 has 5/8. 

The QSO’s were connected with a small pile up but alas that this did not last long enough as propagation faded out.

We finished on Saint Mathieu Island at 15:30 GMT with 46 QSO’s made with 10 DXCC: France (14), Greece (18), Italy (1), Corsica (104), Balearic Islands (49), England (26), Togo Republic (164), Canary Islands (34), Algeria (146) & Denmark (47).


picture1Delta-Alfa members ITL = 104DA102 Syl, 14DA014 Phil, 164DA101 Hervé, 14DA049 Fred, 14DA016 Rodolphe, 14DA028 Phil & 14DA021 Eric.

We also worked 104DA101 Roy on Corsica Island, west of the Italian Peninsula, as 104DA/EU014 5/7 (Tnx Roy).

canal-at-berguesThanks to 14RC581 Olivier for visiting our dx adventure team and thanks also for the good beer ;-).

Credit to all who called/listened for your patience because with this QRM it was quite difficult to hear in good conditions.

Thanks also to Bruno 146AT263 (14AT263) for coming to log from the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria in North Africa.

73 of Eric 14DA021 & Phil 14DA028