*MEET* 45DA007 Nemanja

The Republic of Serbia, a landlocked QTH at the crossroads of Central and South-eastern Europe, covering the southern lowlands of the Carpathian basin and central part of the Balkans, is home to the Dx Adventure Radio Club’s newest member who is 45DA007 Nemanja.

Nemanja, or Nemo as he is affectionately know, hails from the Municipality of Sombor, which is known for its wealth of greenery and rich culture of many interesting buildings and cultural institutions.

One of Europe’s best known and respected DXers and one with more than 15 years experience in the hobby, Nemo joins DA-RC via the DX Chaser and DX Leadership categories respectively.

In addition to being a former Country Coordinator, QSL Manager and Activations Manager for his previous club Sugar Delta, 45DA007 Nemo is also experienced in the area of regional activations, having completed successful field activations of the Vojvodina region (e.g. Srem, Banat and Bačka) in the past.

In the realm of eleven meter band communications, Nemo is keen on exchanging QSL cards, rag chewing, Inland Water Islands (IWI) DXing and contesting.  On the subject of contesting which is popular amongst most DA-RC members, Nemo finished in 3rd place in the 2009 SD European Contest — a terrific achievement indeed.  He also enjoys ham radio comms and listening to short wave radio broadcasts when the conditions on eleven meters are not conducive for good dx.

When he’s not behind the microphone of his Dragon SS-497 transceiver driving out big signals through his Sirio SY-4 yagi antenna (See pictured), Nem likes sweating it out on the sporting fields of Sombor where his main game is soccer.  Nemo also keeps fit in the luxury of his own home gym, sculpting his muscles for regular trips to the ocean with his YL (See pictured).

You can also find him crashed out on the couch in front of the television watching his favourite tv show Only Fools and Horses which is a popular British television sitcom made and broadcast by the BBC.

Please see Nem’s QSL information below.

QSL Information

PO Box 54