*MEET* 43DA878 Robbie

The scenic Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, Australia, is home QTH to Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Member 43DA878 Robbie who joins a strong team of 43 Division radio operators in October, 2020.

Pictured above engaged in another of his favourite pastimes, 43DA878 Robbie has more than 20 years’ experience in the hobby through involvement in a range of hobby facets — a passion passed down from his grandfather whom is also a CB radio operator in New Zealand.

Satisfying DA-RC Membership requirements in the DX Hunter category, 43DA878 Robbie is a committed and successful 11m DX Hunter; keen citizens band radio user, DIY techie, and a licensed ham radio operator; a popular and well-respected guy who lives and breathes the communications hobby.

“I’m a mad keen DXer so chasing dx is what I love,” say Robbie.

“But I also like a good rag chew with locals of an evening time when propagation is non-existent….”

43DA878 Robbie is also well-known somewhat as an antenna guru.

Pictured right and above, his home-made 2 and 3 element delta-loop designs are eagerly sought after by other serious 27 MHz DX Hunters in Australia.

43DA848 Robbie’s region, Moreton Bay, is a diverse area, spanning more than 2000 square km and boasting everything from rural townships and urban centres to coastal villages and thriving business precincts.

Situated between Brisbane City and the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay offers some of South East Queensland’s premier waterfront locations, pristine environmental areas, vibrant entertainment options and thriving cultural and community hubs.

It also has great proximity to potential island DXstinations in the Queensland State (South Coast) South group; excellent possibilities for Islands On The Air (IOTA) dxpedition or holiday activity work in the future.

43DA878 Robbie is well established for DX-success…

In addition to a fine collection of vintage base and mobile citizens band radios for work on 27 MHz frequencies, his radio shack consists of modern ICOM 7300 and Yaesu FT-1000MP MKIV transceivers which provide access to all ham bands.

Outside his premises, high above the house on Australia’s east coast, is a 3 element delta-loop and a modified VRX 5/8 to .64 vertical.

These antennas ensure his signal is a potent one indeed!

43DA878 Robbie (Pictured right nursing an echidna) is a big fan of all things involved great outdoors.

His hobbies include fresh and saltwater fishing (including sharks), camping and offroad 4WDing.

Hunting wild boar is also a favourite pastime – often regarded as a test of bravery given the animal’s razor sharp tusks. 

In Australia, these wild pigs do a great amount of harm to crops, vegetation, and the landscape so property owners are looking at ways to humanely thin their numbers.

43DA878 Robbie is a very active guy who always keen to exchange QSL cards to confirm contacts with rare DX.

You’ll hear him on any one of the 11m DX Community’s call frequencies when the band is open.