*MEET* 43DA751 Shane

The Somerset Region in south-east Queensland, Australia, is home to Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Member 43DA751 Shane who connects with our Club in late December 2020.

A licensed ham and experienced 11m DX Hunter, 43DA751 Shane satisfies rigorous DA-RC Membership expectations in the DX Hunter category with more than 50 DXCC entities worked and confirmed (See: http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ ).

This DX-pertise was achieved through previous involvement with the Alfa Tango (43AT585/43AT288) and South Pacific (43SP288) radio clubs respectively.

43DA751 Shane’s rural town is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River, some 100 clicks northwest of Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city.

According to the atlas, it’s inland from both the ‘Brizzy’ metropolitan area and Gold Coast, and to the east of the Darling Downs.

According to his Membership Form, 43DA751 Shane was born and raised in Tasmania where he was first introduced to radio comms as a young fella.

“I’ve been in and around the hobby since the late 80’s,” he explains.

“I got my first rig when I was about 17 years old and that was an Electrophone TX525 AM set…”

“The bug really bit me when I was talking from Burnie in Tasmania to a station in Whyalla South Australia at 5/9+30 on a realistic 40 Channel AM radio…”

“Ever since that moment, I’ve been hooked!”

These days, 43DA751 Shane’s ham station consists of a modern ICOM-IC-7300 HF/6m transceiver with a matching SM-30 Desk Microphone, as well as several vintage Citizens Band radios for work on the Freeband.

Outside his home QTH, 43DA751 Shane’s antennas of choice include a 5/8 HyGain Super Penetrator vertical and a Vortex Wide Band Heavy Duty V-Quad.

These world-class hobby munitions ensure his TX signal is always one of the loudest to emerge from the southern end of the Sunshine State.

As you might imagine, 43DA751 Shane’s hobbies and interests mostly involve radio comms as that’s his leading passion.

A massive fan of the great outdoors though, he also loves camping, four wheel driving, fishing and doing things with his hands, like building and experimenting with antennas.

Horse riding (trail riding, campdrafting, rodeos), cycling, water-skiing, sky diving, walking, four wheel driving, flying (small aircraft), and sailing are other popular recreational activities in his hometown.

With Cycle 25 stirring with some DXciting propagation, 43DA751 Shane looks forward to teaming up with other 43 Division Members for dx adventure in the years to come.

Any one of the charming island dxstinations situated off the QLD coast for some IOTA work, or light beacons overlooking QLD coastline for some LOTA, would no doubt be seriously attractive propositions for 11m DX Hunters.

43DA751 Shane is QRV regularly on 27 MHz frequencies, chasing rare DX, and is always keen to QSL.

He prefers the modern style of e-QSL via the Cluster but will also exchange cards via the traditional way if necessary.


“Will QSL First”