*MEET* 43DA161 Jay

Introducing 43DA161 Jay from the state of Queensland, on the Pacific coast of Australia.

Jay connects with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in October, 2022, on the dawn of Cycle 25 and some exciting times ahead on the world’s best HF band!

A professional and well-known 11m band operator in the Oceania region, 43DA161 Jay is regarded by his peers as one of the best DX Hunters in the southern hemisphere.

Evidence confirms that 43DA161 Jay has been involved in citizens band and ham radio comms since 1992.

During this time, he’s been a member of the Alpha Uniform, World Radio, and Oscar Papa clubs respectively.

More than 150 DXCC entities worked in the last 30 years qualifies Jay for DA-RC membership via the ‘DX Hunter Category’.

(See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

He’s determined to add to this impressive list too, with his new Delta-Alfa callsign, in the years to come!

43DA161 Jay’s home QTH is found in the state of Queensland, on Australia’s east coast, not far from the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a place where loggerhead and green sea turtles call home, where golden sandy beach meets the Great Barrier Reef, and sugar cane farms provide homes and jobs for farmers who intermingle with surfers and local fisherman.

It’s also the perfect launchpad for Islands On the Air (IOTA) DXpedition work with a number of beautiful island dxstinations situated only a few kilometers off the coast.

43DA161 Jay’s station is an impressive one indeed and, judging by cluster databases, this explains why he currently ranks among 43 Division’s most profitable Freeband DX Hunters.

As well as chasing international DX contacts across 27 MHz frequencies, 43DA161 Jay is into designing and experimenting with antennas.

At his home QTH, a homebrew, F-type, direct fed, 4 element yagi, for example, sits atop a telescopic mast 18ft off the ground.

Inside his home, Jay’s shack boasts many high quality DXcessories by comms manufacturers Ranger, Zetagi, and more!

43DA161 Jay’s spirit of adventure is expressed in other areas of his life also; past times which take him out and about in Australia’s vibrant landscapes and sunny WX.

His hobbies include 4 wheel driving, dirt bike riding, fishing, and camping with his wife, kids and pet dogs; interests which take him into spectacular bushland, native forest, and stunning ocean side locations.

43DA161 Jay also lists gardening as one of his favourite past times and an awesome source of relaxation after a busy day at work driving trucks, working as a removalist and/or landscaping.

On top of this, 43DA161 Jay also has a love of learning other languages.

43DA161 Jay is QRV most days on any one of the eleven meter band’s calling frequencies.

He’s always keen to exchange QSL cards and is happy to “QSL First” to confirm any international contact made with his station in the Sunshine State!