*MEET* 43DA019 Mark

One of his country’s most popular DXers, 43DA019 Mark joins the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in July 2013 on the recommendation of long-time DA-RCies and good mates 2DA120 Tom and 43DA007 Mike.

43DA019 MarkWith some 23 years experience in radio communications in so many different fields, Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, not to mention buckets of gusto too which will no doubt place him in good stead for some breathtaking adventures with the DA-RC moving forwards.

“I was a CREST monitor when I was younger and monitored channel 5 Melbourne and 9 AM,” says Mark.  “I also performed a few missing persons broadcasts on local UHF repeaters, relayed calls for assistance from the public to the relevant emergency service and much more.  Lots of training was involved…!”

43DA019 Mark’s QTH is Victoria,  the smallest mainland state of Australia and home to one of the world’s most famous cities…Melbourne.  Here he shares a home with his wife and young children in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, in the outer eastern and north-eastern suburbs extending into the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

By all reports, the location is ideal for DX too with the family house perched atop one of the hills in the green countryside with magical yagi take offs to the north for EU and AS.

In addition to chasing DX on 27 MHz from the home shack or a portable station up on the Peak of Mount Evelyn, 43DA019 Mark enjoys monitoring UHF frequencies with a classy ICOM IC-400 PRO transceiver and 12DB base antenna.  An easy target for comms nostalgia, he also collects antique citizens band radios with a Pierce Simpson Super Cheetah MKI and Realistic Navaho personal favorites on the radio shack bench-top.

Another of Mark’s interests is antenna construction.  Pointing towards the north, the impressive 5 element yagi pictured above, in fact, is one of his most recent creations with many more antenna projects currently underway also.

Outside of the shack and 43DA019 Mark is a dedicated family man; one whom enjoys spending time with his YL and kids when his work as a glass furnace operator permits.

He also enjoys computers and electronics.

Mark balances his DA-RC membership with involvement with the Alfa Uniform (Audio Unity) club of Australia where his unit number is also 019.

QSL Infos

  • 43DA019 Mark is very happy to exchange QSL cards upon request but chooses to QSL first at this time ;-).