*DX NEWS* 43DA/FD40, Field Day Station

Nestled within Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, surrounded by kangaroos, wild samba deer, echidnas and wedge tail eagles, Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is excited to announce that experienced campaigners 43DA123 Brian and 43AT415 Tony will be QRV for the Eleven Meters and PMR Field Day (EPFD) in late June, 2024.

The callsign allocated by the EPFD Organising committee is 43DA/FD040 with the letters ‘FD’ an acronym for Field Day and the unit ‘40’ being the chronologically registered number.

History reveals that this part of Australia’s southeastern state of Victoria, some 150km north o Melbourne, is regarded as Taungurung country.

The Taungurung people, also spelt Daung Wurrung, are an Aboriginal people who are one of the Kulin nations in present-day Victoria, Australia.

Accordingly, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which Brian and Tony will meet, the Taungurung people.

The club also pays its respects to elders past and present for the team’s use of their land.

In this beautiful part of Australia’s second-smallest state, wildflowers, snowgums and grasslands will greet 43DA123 Brian and the team when they arrive to install a portable station at the top of a ridge.

We’re told that reconnaissance efforts indicate the team will have a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside which includes the famous ski resort locations of Mt Buller and Mt Hotham.

As well as exceptional yagi take offs to all major DX markets, here, roughly 500m above sea level, fresh mountain air and balmy temperatures will welcome the 43DA/FD40 Team who will set up—in the early hours of the morning—a terrific portable station…

A Kenwood TS-440S Amateur HF Transceiver with an accompanying Kenwood MC-60 desk mic will be the centerpiece of the station, with a 4 element yagi antenna erected on a 10m telescopic mast, providing the very best of dB gain and directional performance.

In keeping with the EPFD Rules, the dx adventurists will employ a Honda EU-22 generator—a reliable, quiet, and super-efficient source of portable power—for their power source.

The most popular leisure generator on the market, this model is equipped with 2200W of output power making it ideal for camping and caravanning, and of course, field operations for any aspiring Freeband or ham team.

For more information on the Eleven Meter and PMR Field Day and how you can register YOUR team, please check out the official website at https://www.11fddx.com/.

73 de DA-RC HQ Team