*MEET* 41DA981 Giovanni

…Well-travelled Dxpeditioner.  Licensed ham.  Decorated DX Hunter….

The Dx Adventure Radio Club is thrilled to introduce to you 41DA981 Giovanni from the small Oceanic country of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere.

A distinguished and professional guy in the 11m community courtesy of involvement in the hobby since 1998, Giovanni links with our club in late February, 2023, ready to embrace the excellent conditions of a new solar cycle.

We’re proud that 41DA981 Giovanni’s achievements in radio comms place him in the top echelon of Pacifica based hobbyists.

An incredible 285 DXCC entities worked and confirmed as a member of the Lima Radio, International Radio and Sugar Delta clubs respectively, satisfies rigorous DA-RC Membership requirements in the DX Hunter category.

See ‘Become a Member’ at https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/.

41DA981 Giovanni is perhaps best known amongst his peers, though, for his inspiring efforts in the field of dxpedition work.

In recent years, successful IOTA dx adventures in Brazil (3 Division), Papua New Guinea (101), Solomon Islands (135), Western Samoa (223) and Cook Islands (250) have contributed towards making the Oceanic region more accessible to the world’s IOTA Hunters and major European DX market.

Together with 43DA001 Darren, the pair look forward to teaming up in Cycle 25 and activating some of the Pacific’s Most Wanted entities!

41DA981 Giovanni resides on the east coast of the South Island (OC-034), in the city of Christchurch,  just north of Banks Peninsula on Pegasus Bay.

NZ’s second biggest city, Christchurch is regarded as the Garden City due to its huge green spaces, beautiful botanic gardens and leafy streets.

Here, it mixes stunning  botanic gardens with microbreweries, vibrant street art with charming café-lined streets and hiking with shopping-filled strolls.

Giovanni’s region is also famous for its cutting-edge architecture, sky piercing mountains, lush vineyards and wild coastlines with abundant Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) opportunities.

11m databases and photos included at the time of application confirm that 41DA981 Giovanni is well established indeed for DX-Success…

His home station comprises of a Kenwod TS-830s transciever and two ICOM rigs — an IC-7300 and IC-7000.

Outside his back door, high above surrounding homes, Giovanni’s antenna is a multiband yagi, which is highly efficient on 27 MHz.

In addition to hunting DX across multiple bands, and performing DXpedition work from some of the world’s most lucrative entities, 41DA981 Giovanni lists the challenge of learning new modes, building antennas and short wave listening (SWL) as his favourite hobby pursuits.

Outside the world of radio comms, though, 41DA981 Giovanni’s love of high adrenalin past times is obvious.

As the pictures show, he has a passion for fast cars, motorbikes and water sports such as boating, fishing and swimming.

41DA981 Giovanni also enjoys spending time with his wife and children who often accompany him on any overseas DX-ploits.

Like most DA members who inhabit the sphere of Freeband, 41DA981 Giovanni monitors the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, ready to pounce on any rare DX.

He’s happy to confirm any contact made with his island station with a beautiful personal QSL card and generic 41 Division design too, sent direct from his home in New Zealand!


PO Box 45, Matangi, 3260, New Zealand