*MEET* 3DA100 Pablo

Traced to the tranquil shores of the winding Ipojuca River, 3DA100 Pablo in the Federative Republic of Brazil, is a young and ambitious Freeband DX Hunter with an insatiable appetite for adventure.

Previously known on the 11m band as 3PD509, and as an independent operator, 3DA100 Pablo connects with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in January 2024; adding to an already notable lineup of guys in this idyllic part of South America.

3DA100 Pablo (Seen pictured above right) lives in the vibrant state of Pernambuco.

This flourishing QTH is a mere stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean and some exciting IOTA opportunities such as Ascension Island (AF-003) (148 Division), St Helena (AF-022) (63 Division) and Tristan da Cunha Islands (AF-029) (258 Division).

As well as being the perfect springboard for serious dxpedition work to some of the world’s most elusive island dxstinations, this spectacular location has the reputation of having many of Brazil’s best beaches also.

Muro Alto, Praia dos Carneiros, Baía do Sancho and Baía dos Porcos e Praia do Leão are said to be some of the standouts!

Here in Pernambuco, 3DA100 Pablo resides in the charming Brazilian municipality of Caruaru.

The most populous city in the interior of the state, but a short drive from the coastline, Caruaru was originally a cattle ranch.

These days, however, it’s famous for “the world’s largest São João festivities”.

Every June, in fact, as part of the nativity of St John the Baptist, 3DA100 Pablo’s city hosts one of the principal Brazilian Festa Junina.

In addition to hunting DX on 27 MHz from the comfort of his home shack in the easternmost country in South America, 3DA100 Pablo reveals an interest in technology.

One of his main passions, however, is travel which links in perfectly with the radio communications hobby and the DA-RC’s reputation as a leader in dxpedition work.

Spending time with friends and scuba diving are other favourite pastimes.

When he’s not jet setting about the world to countries such as Iceland, the Netherlands, France or England, 3DA100 Pablo works in the field of construction.

3DA100 Pablo has shaped a simple but effective home DX station, which is proven to be capable of reaching all corners of the globe.

A sexy new Aquario RP-90 transceiver—with 2 LCD displays with 7 colours, 80 citizen band channels and PTT support—is complemented with an Amplificador Lark 250 watt linear amplifier and, by all reports, delivers thumping audio

New to the shack is a Yaesu FT-710 transceiver, shown below, as well as a G800 DXA rotator and control box, also by Yaesu.

Outside 3DA100 Pablo’s residence in the microzone of Agreste, high above the rooftop of his home, is a 3 element optimized wide-band yagi which provides the very best of directional performance.

Icing the cake, above the OWA yagi, is a 5/8 vertical antenna which provides omnidirectional capability, ideal for local rag chew or testing propagation.

Such an impressive set-up ensures that rare DX is always at Pablo’s fingertips whenever he keys up on the band!

Combined with his time spent chasing DX, it also guarantees that his personalized QSL card will be one of the most accessible across all of Brazil.


Avenida Adjar da Silva Casé, 828 Apt 1201 View – Edf. Cosmopolitan – Indianapolis Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil CEP 55024-740