*MEET* 3DA017 Rafael

Licensed ham radio operator.  Prosperous 11m DX Hunter.  Professional guy…

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you 3DA017 Rafael from the Federative Republic of Brazil, the largest country in South America.

Rafael connects with our great club in March 2022, satisfying DX Hunter requirements for DA-RC membership with more than 100 DXCC worked and confirmed.

This was achieved through past involvement with the International Radio (IR) Club respectfully.

(See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/)

In the eleven meter band community in particular, Brazil is home to some of the world’s best DX Hunters and 3DA017 Rafael is absolutely one of these special OM.

In fact, Raf joins with an already superstar line-up of DA-RC Members in ‘Terra do Brasil’, looking to take on the exciting propagation shift of Solar Cycle 25 and add to his growing DXCC tally.

Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and with a massive coastline of 7491 km, Brazil borders all other countries in South America — except Ecuador (61 Division) and Chile (32).

Not only is Brazil the longest country in the world, spanning an incredible 4395 km from north to south, but it’s also the fifth largest nation on the planet with a total area of 8,515,767 km2.

3DA017 Raf’s country also encompasses a number of isolated oceanic archipelagos — and some of the most sought after of IOTA entities on the planet — that will no doubt be high on the hitlist of himself and other 3 Division DA-RCies in the not so distant future.

These include Fernando de Noronha (285), Rocas Atoll (SA-038) (See pictured right), Saint Peter & Paul Rocks (284) (See below), and Trindade & Martim Vaz (290).

For tourists, the country of Brazil is both a tropical paradise and an exciting cultural destination with attractions for all tastes.

From idyllic beach holidays and jungle explorations to world-class art museums and the pulsing rhythms of Rio’s Carnival, Brazil offers an unbelievable variety of things to do for every local guy and/or visitor.

3DA017 Rafael’s home QTH is in the municipality of Anastácio.

This fantastic place is located in Mato Grosso do Sul, one of the Midwestern states of Brazil.

Places of interest here, according to 3DA017 Raf, include Cathedrals such as the Church of NS Immaculate Conception), Canyons and Mountains such as Morro dos Mirantes, public parks such as the Pantanal of Rio Negro State Park and many more.

Like many of his fellow members, 3DA017 Rafael has an adventurous spirit and loves spending time in the outdoors.

He enjoys escaping the warm, sometimes hot and humid, WX of his home QTH by swimming in some of the picturesque local waterfalls and creeks with family and friends.

Barbecues are common excuses for get-togethers by the water, chilling out with heavy-metal rock music from iconic bands such as AC/DC and Slip Knot playing in the background.

3DA017 Rafael also adores sports such as volleyball, basketball, and dirt bike riding.

As a licensed amateur radio operator, 3DA017 Rafael is active on many bands, but on 11m, he monitors the International Call Frequency — 27.555 MHz USB.

Raf is always keen for a QSO and eager to exchange QSL cards with any operator to confirm a contact with his station.


Rua Presidente Vargas, 3050 Jardim campanário, Anastácio-MS CEP 79210-000