*MEET* 3DA013 Tulio

From the south American country of Brazil — one of the largest nurseries of 11m and ham operatives in the world — popular radio comms hobbyist 3DA013 Tulio joins the DA-RC in October 2018.

One of the most successful DX Hunters in recent times, Tulio has forged a reputation across the bands as a professional and dedicated operator; one who’s previous Romeo Charlie and Hotel Florida callsigns have featured heavily in the logs of rare DX stations over the past 5 years.

Not only does Tulio satisfy our club’s membership requirements in the ‘DX Hunter’ category, he’s also experienced in the realm of dx adventure, having undertaken IOTA DX work in the Sao Paulo State East group (SA-028).

Successful SES and contest work also feature heavily in his resume.

3DA013 Tulio’s home QTH is in the south-east region of Brazil, in the municipality of São Paulo.

The most populous city in Brazil, the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, besides being the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world, São Paulo is located in southeastern São Paulo State, approximately halfway between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

The location for the headquarters of major corporations and of banks and financial institutions, 3DA013 Tulio’s city is considered to be the “financial capital of Brazil” and the 25th “most expensive city” of the planet.

It has a nightlife too that’s considered one of the best in the country, with cinemas, theaters, museums (e.g. São Paulo Museum of Art and the Ipiranga Museum) and exciting cultural centers.

Pictured right, the Rua Oscar Freire, for instance, was named one of the eight most luxurious streets in the world.  Cathedrals such as the São Paulo Cathedral are also exciting tourist attractions.

A quick tour of 3DA013 Tulio’s radio shack and it’s easy to see why he’s touted as somewhat of a ‘Big Gun’ in the DA-RC community and beyond.

As the photos above suggest, a collection of modern day and vintage transceivers, studio audio rack equipment to create that warm DX sound and a range of sophisticated accessories means he has everything at his disposal for a serious on-air attack of the world’s DXCC.

Off the airways, when he’s not chasing rare DX or contributing to one or more of the world’s hobby forums, 3DA013 Tulio lists instrumental music, concerts, swimming and competitive jujitsu as favorite pastimes.

A talented musician, he also plays percussion in live music performances!

The sound of incoming DX signals, though, ranks just as high and although not as glamorous as one of his melodious open-air gigs, radio comms is definitely part of Tulio’s spirit.


Rua Francisco de Paula Pereir a Pacheco 116 Jardim Odete Taboão Guarulhos Sao Paulo Brazil cep 07144001