*MEET* 3DA011 Luiz

“Serious DXer.  IOTA Hunter.  Valued contributor to the International 11m Community…”

These are just a few words to describe new member 3DA011 Luiz from South America who joins the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in April 2020.

Indisputably one of his country’s most active Freeband DXers, 3DA011 Luiz (Pictured right) meets DA-RC’s stringent membership requirements in the ‘DX Hunter’ category with more than 120 DXCC worked and confirmed by QSL card.

He’s a regular on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB where his “CQ” calls always attract plenty of contacts; as evidenced by spotboards of the world’s 11m Clusters, various YouTube Channels and his amazing collection of DX Awards.

A talented administrator also, Luiz satisfies our Club’s firm membership criteria in the ‘DX Club Leadership’ category as well through previous work as ‘Country Coordinator’ for the Romeo Charlie club.

In the Federative Republic of Brazil, 3DA011 Luiz’s home QTH is São Gonçalo, a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

São Gonçalo is found on the northeastern edge of Guanabara Bay (meaning “bosom of the sea”), the second largest bay in area in Brazil and a gateway to an abundance of possible IOTA and LOTA dx adventure,.

In fact, a smorgasbord of exciting IOTA and NV-IOTA opportunities exist here, only minutes by marine vessel, either in the waters of Guanabara Bay or off the nearby coastline.

Referenced by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society’s LOTA Program, the Paquetá lighthouse (BRA 222) on Ilha de Paquetá would command plenty of attention from serious DX Hunters.

As would the Ile Rasa (RJ) Lighthouse off the coast.

Some islands on the air entities are part of the Rio de Janeiro State Centre group (SA-079).

Others are referenced by the Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras (D. I. B.) Program.

Stunning island DXstinations such as Tavares, Paqueta, Engenho, Governdor (RJ-01), Conceição (PI-02), Mocanguê, Santa Cruz, Viana, Cajú, Pai (SA-079), Mae (SA-079), Cotunduba (SA-079) and Menina are a sample of the breathtaking IOTA DX prospects which exist in 3DA011 Luiz’s neighbourhood.

Early indications are that 3DA011 Luiz, and possibly 1-2 other members of the DA-RC Brazil Team, will activate them in the future, perhaps for the World Islands Contest (WIC) or World Islands Festival.

São Gonçalo and its surrounds are also famous for beautiful beaches.

The Praia do Cepilho, Praia do Beira, Praia do Cassin, Praia de Sao Francisco, Praia da Imbuca and Praia de Itacoatiara are all popular beaches with tourists and locals who flock to their golden sands each year.

Other attractions situated in Luiz’s ‘backyard’ include the Teatro Popular Oscar Niemeyer, Miguel church, Maciço de Itaúna Parish São Gonçalo de Amarante and the APA do Engenho Pequeno.

In addition to radio communications, 3DA011 Luiz lists riding a bicycle as one of his preferred past times.  He also has a love of music.

“Songs and bands I like,” he says, “are the contemporary praise and worship ones — music that speaks of God.”

3DA011 Luiz’s success as a world class DX Hunter are enhanced by a world class station.

“My station today is composed of a monster 4 element yagi,” he explains.  “My radios are a Cobra 148 GTL and a Ranger RCI 2950…”

Whether it be QRV on a DXpedition to some exciting IOTA or LOTA DXstination, or from the luxury of his home shack in bustling São Gonçalo, there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing plenty of 3DA011 Luiz in the future with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.


Sr. Luiz Carneiro, Rua: Juiz Carvalho Paiva, 96 Rocha- São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro Cep: 24421210 BRASIL