*MEET* 3DA010 Marcio

From the Federative Republic of Brazil in South America, the Dx Adventure Radio Club is delighted to introduce to you 3DA010 Marcio.

Marcio connects with the DA-RC in August, 2023, on the eve of a new solar cycle, adding to an already impressive team of fellow 3 division members.

Previously linked with the Sugar Delta and Thracian Rose club of Bulgaria, respectively, this high-profile DX Man has been involved in radio communications since 2008.

It’s a rewarding period of time in the hobby that’s earned him some remarkable achievements and experiences.

As well as being a determined Freeband DX Hunter with 180 Divisions worked and confirmed to his name, Marcio is also a licensed ham radio operator, serving a number of bands in his daily DX work.

It’s on the world’s best HF DX band—eleven meters— though, where his heart truly lies.

3DA010 Marcio resides in Mandaguari, a Brazilian municipality located in the central north of the state of Paraná. 

This place is famous for its coffee and is regarded as providing the best coffee in all of Brazil.

“Café Bela Esperança brings consumers the pleasure of balanced flavor, with the characteristic aroma of a true coffee from Paraná…”

Marcio’s home town is also known for its agriculture.

Reportedly, crops such as corn, wheat, beans, sugar cane and soybeans grow in abundance here.

The most popular tourist spot in Mandaguari is said to be the Parque da Pedreira.

Opened in 1998, this fantastic leisure park is located in the city center.

As well as the Culture House which located in the center of the park, the Parque da Pedreira has three large lakes, a walking trail and a restaurant.

3DA010 Marcio’s shack is setup for DX success!

A modified Kenwood TS-450 amateur HF transceiver is his DX firearm of choice.

This formidable rig covers 160 through 10 meters including the WARC bands with 100 watts output.

Also in the shack, and completing the arrangement, is an Icom IC-706 MK2 with a handheld microphone.

Ideal for portable work, this is a compact all-mode transceiver with up to 100 Watt on HF/50 MHz and 20 Watt on 144 MHz band.

3DA010 Marcio’s impressive home station is completed with the erection of a 4-element yagi antenna, designed especially for work on the 11m band.

This provides effective direction TX capability to all corners of the globe.

3DA010 Marcio works as a truck driver and his truck is pictured above.

He lists music, spending time with family and travel as preferred past times.

Like most DA-RC Members, 3DA010 Marcio monitors the International call frequency—27.555 MHz USB, both on the road in his truck and also from the comfort of his home shack in Mandaguari.

He’s eager to exchange QSL cards and looks forward to adding to his impressive tally of DXCC in the years to come with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.


Rua José Guarido 384 Mandaguari – Paraná Brazil ZIP Code: 86975-000