*MEET* 3DA007 Alison

The Federal Republic of Brazil (3 Division) is the largest DXCC in both South America and Latin America and one of the greatest nurseries of radio comms hobbyists in the world.

From the state of São Paulo, well-known and efficacious DX Hunter 3DA007 Alison connects with the Dx Adventure Radio (DA-RC) in the shadows of October, 2018.

A 23-year immersion in radio comms sees 236 DXCC deposits in the bank and many substantial investments made in a number of the world’s Freeband radio clubs……Sugar Delta, Sierra Alfa Bravo, Romeo Charlie and others.

Solar Cycle 25 and an upturn in conditions, however, represents a new dawn for Alison; an exciting opportunity to link with a serious club, famous for its professional dxpedition work and innovative projects; and a chance to team up with some of the other motivated DA-RC guys in Brazil for dx adventure.

In the category of DX Club Leadership, too, Alison’s prowess on the mic is mirrored in many ways by his past administrative work for Hotel Florida.

A regularly updated YouTube Channel featuring videoed contacts with rare stations, an eye-catching personal webpage and a commitment to the hobby’s forums and dx clusters further illustrate his devotion to the hobby.

The city of Santa Barbara (Pictured above), 138 kilometers northwest of the State capital, is where 3DA007 Alison calls home.

A short drive from the coastline where IOTA DXstinations sit within view just a couple of kilometers off the shore, this QTH has important cultural traditions, ranging from craft and theater, to music, colourful festivals (e.g. Festa Confederada) and sports (e.g. União Barbarense football club).

3DA007 Alison’s city is also the birthplace of the Brazilian automobile industry, being where the first car was produced.

The chapel of Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, the Cemetery of the Americans, Museum of Immigration and Stadium Antonio Lins Ribeiro Guimarães are other QSO worthy landmarks.

Like many DA-RC guys these days (See ‘Hams in the DA-RC), 3DA007 Alison is also a qualified amateur radio operator.

In fact, he’s been licensed as PU2KAR (Class ‘C’) since 2011.

Relentless in his pursuit of DX right across the spectrum, Alison is operational on a number of recognized ham bands with 40m identified as one of his faves.

For all, 3DA007 Alison has amassed a powerful home station, hell bent on pilfering ANY “Most Wanted” DX which appears on the band.

This is evidenced by his presence in the logs of most big DXpeditions in the past decade and extraordinary QSL collection.

In the shack, a President Lincoln 28MHz multi-mode transceiver with a Shure 450s dynamic base station mic occupy one shelf.

Nearby, a Yaesu FT-450 AT multi-mode HF + 6m transceiver — with matching MD-100 desk mic and Heil HC6 Pro-set Elite boomset — provide additional DX possibilities.

On a tower outside his home, though, is where the true DX firearm is holstered — a home-made 5 element long boom yagi (Pictured below) stares down any and all DX which dares to pop up on the band.

A keen sports fan, 3DA007 Alison supports the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, a professional football club based in São Paulo, Brazil, one that has graced the pitch since 1904.

He’s just as passionate about the hobby of radio comms too and always on the hunt for a new island or DXCC, or even just a QSO with fellow radio users.


Alison R. Rozinelli
Rua Jose Alex. Barros, 395
Santa Bárbara d´ Oeste,

SP 13456034