*QSL* 341DA/0, Timor Leste

Please see below the triple QSL design for 341DA/0; a successful ‘Most Wanted’ DXCC activity undertaken by 43DA001 Darren and 43DA234 Tom in March 2013 to the Republic of Timor-Leste.

Designed by SP5ADX Radek at Cool QSL and printed on high quality deluxe business paper, this outstanding tri-sided full-colour QSL card is available from:


PO Box 3140

Browns Plains LPO

QLD Australia 4118

Please note that contribution for this activity is strictly standard:

  • $2US + Self-Addressed Envelope (SAE); OR
  • 1 x IRC + Self-Addressed Envelope (SAE)

341DA/0 QSL Front

341DA/0 QSL Back