*DXPEDITION REPORT* 341DA/0, Emissions Offset

Since the introduction of DA-RC’s Emissions Offset Program instigated by renowned environmental activist 23DA330 Jeremy some 5 years ago, our club has become a leader in the fight against climate change caused by DXpedition work.

Most will know ‘climate change’ as the result of greenhouse gases (GHGs), principally carbon dioxide, building up in our atmosphere and helping to trap heat. 

East_TimorOn this note, the vast majority of the world’s scientists believe that this has caused the climate to change globally; something we must guard against at all costs.

Meeting the DA-RC’s carbon reduction commitment during DXpedition work, therefore, is just one way we can minimize our club’s carbon footprint and therefore demonstrate our environmental responsibility.

Combined with strategies to reduce emissions which are implemented during DX adventures (as well as by the HQ Team and individual members in everyday life), our main goal here is to reduce what we can along the way and then offset the remaining emissions caused by aspects such as air travel (and other), computer use, accommodation and, of course, operating a DXpedition station a large portion of the day.

For us, every tonne of greenhouse gas that we can avoid putting into the atmosphere makes a difference.  Naturally, it also reduces the offset costs!



How it Works

With emissions offset, emissions are first calculated using an online calculator.  All you need to do is enter some basic information and it will do all the work for you.

Once you have a carbon emissions total you can then offset this amount by channelling funds into a project of choice. 

Flag-map_of_East_Timor_svgThis usually means paying a registered organisation to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by the same amount that the activities add, something that the DA-RC has elected to do in the past through companies like ‘Green Fleet’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’.

Offsetting 341DA/0

Using an emissions calculator on the Carbon Planet website, the team were able to calculate the emissions caused by air travel from their respective Australian cities to Darwin in the Northern Territory and then on to Dili in Timor-Leste.

These calculations included radiative forcing – the effects of releasing greenhouse gases into the upper atmosphere.

The distance traveled worked out to be just over 7000 km which equated to 2.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  

Emissions from car, mikrolet and truck transport were also added to the final total.

 Our Choice of Projects

It was important to the 341DA/0 team (43DA001 Darren and 43DA234 Tom) to support a project relevant to the country they had visited; that is, a project dedicated to improving the social, environmental and economic health of Timor-Leste which is an aid based third world economy.

After much consideration, the project ‘With One Seed’ was selected.  This project concerns itself with subsistence farming communities in Timor-Leste through village-based reforestation projects called ‘Tree Trusts’.

Tree Trusts supports sustainable farming practices to assist communities alleviate poverty and hunger through better adaptation to climate variability, building local economies and growing stronger, more resilient communities.

Another reason why the team elected to direct their support into this project was that it offered a fund capable of offsetting emissions caused by computer use during the activity.

How Will the Donation be Used?

The 341DA/0 team’s donation will be used by the Tree Trusts to plant trees in reforestation projects in Timor Leste, and, at the same time, support the continuing growth and viability of this vital reforestation initiative in our neighbouring region.

Offsetting the carbon emissions caused by DXpedition work is an attitude shared also judging by the large number of sponsors who threw their support behind 341DA/0.

On behalf of Tom and Darren, the DA-RC HQ would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for embracing our vision for a more environmentally sustainable hobby.

For more information on the With One Seed Project, please visit the organisation’s website at: http://www.carbonxchange.infoxchange.net.au/