*MEET* 32DA088 Hernan

From the western seaboard of South America, outstanding dx predator 32DA088 Hernan connects with our club in late October, 2022.

23 years involvement in radio communications as a licensed amateur and passionate hunter of DX on 27 MHz frequencies, sees 32DA088 Hernan as one of the leading hobbyists in Chile.

Bounded on the north by Peru (8 Division) and Bolivia (80), on its long eastern border by Argentina (4), and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, 32DA088 Hernan’s DXCC is a long and narrow country.

It’s characterized by incredibly diverse landscapes, world-renowned wine and beer, amazing culture of art, music and history, famous Chileans, its delicious food, and much more!

32DA088 Hernan resides in Bulnes, a Chilean city and commune in Diguillín Province, Ñuble Region.

It’s situated east of El Rosario, and east of Placeres.

32DA088 Hernan’s DX weapon of choice is a Kenwood TS-850S transceiver.

Pictured below, this is competition class transceiver is designed for the serious radio operator with coverage from 160 through 10 meters including the WARC bands.

Accompanying his TS-850S is an MC-80.

This omnidirectional electret condenser desk mic features UP-DOWN tuning plus a built-in pre-amp.

Also on his shack benchtop is a VX-1700 Single Side Band (SSB) radio which is designed to operate as mobile radio or as a base station for long-haul land mobile radio (LMR).

A Voyager VR-87 cb radio and a ruggedly built Yaesu FT-2980R 80w 2m FM Mobile transceiver, complete Hernan’s ensemble.

Outside his house are two antenna installations.

A telescopic mast, 12 meters tall, homes a Sirio Tornado antenna which provides exceptional omnidirectional capability.

This 5/8 vertical antenna is tunable from 26.5 to 30 MHz and is renowned as a top performer on the Freeband.

A tower with a Fritzel series 70 (40-20-15-10) antenna mast and delta 527 (cb) antenna complete the station.

When he’s not chasing rare dx across any one of the bands, or mixing with fellow hobbyists in the radio club ‘Heroes of Chillán’, 32DA088 Hernan identifies trekking and rafting as major past times.

He’s also a proud member of Rotary International; a humanitarian service organization that brings together business and professional leaders in order to provide community service, promote integrity, and advance goodwill, peace, and understanding in the world.

32DA088 Hernan is employed with the National Forestry Corporation, where he specializes in regional logistics.

No doubt these same skills will be put to good use when 32DA088 Hernan undertakes dx adventure in the future, with a number of exciting Islands On The Air (IOTA) entities only a short distance away.

Like the majority of DA-RC members, 32DA088 Hernan is QRV regularly on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, and other frequencies known to supply rare DX opportunities.

He looks forward to adding to his collection of DXCC entities worked and confirmed in the years to come with his new Delta-Alfa callsign!


Via DA-RC HQ SA, Rua Baianópolis 538 Jardim Ansalca Guarulhos, SP Brasil Cep 07241120