*MEET* 30DA202 Javier

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to introduce to you popular and experienced DX Man 30DA202 Javier from Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Balearic Sea.

A qualified ham radio operator and devoted Freeband DX enthusiast, Javier links up with our club in early December 2023, adding to an already impressive Spanish team.

Back in 1986, 30DA202 Javier started in Citizens Band radio at the age of 16 which sees him fast approaching 40 years’ experience in the hobby.

Since this time, Javier (Seen pictured right) has been QRV in the Reino de España with the following callsigns: 30NSN002, 30MRV0764, 30RPB035 and 30SD202.

At the onset of solar cycle 25, however, our newest member in the Kingdom of Spain has committed to an involvement with the DA-RC, and it’s with our club that he has his sights set on achieving the ‘200 DXCC’ mark in the years to come.

In extreme southwestern part of Europe, in a country famous for it’s colourful traditions and culture, 30DA202 Javier resides in Paterna, a city and municipality in the province of Valencia in the Valencian Community, Spain.

According to the World Atlas, Paterna is located northeast of the comarca of L’Horta de Valencia, 5 km northwest of the inland suburbs of Valencia, and on the left bank of the river Turia.

This city has numerous fascinating landmarks that attract many visitors each year…

At 19.5m high, the cylindrical Tower of Paterna (See pictured above) was used as a defense of the local population due to its strategic location and excellent visibility of the surrounding environment.

Another interesting piece of bygone architecture is the Counts of Villapaterna Palace which was built by the Counts of Villapaterna in 1760.

Also in 30DA202 Javier’s home QTH, the Ceramics Museum, in the Village Square in the old town hall, hosts one of the most important collections of ceramics from Valencia.

The Church of St. Peter was built in the 14th century and is of extreme historical significance also.

Finally, the Capri and Antonio Ferrandis theatres (See left) built in the 1920s, the Paterna Flour Mills and the Turia River Natural Park are other drawcards.

A self-confessed CB radio collector, 30DA202 Javier owns several older style radios that have sentimental value.

These include a Midland Alan 87 (Shown below), several President Grants, an Intek FM-548SX (his first ever radio) and some more precious gems that are packed away in the closet.

To satisfy his hunger for DX, though, 30DA202 Javier has amassed a serious station with several high quality ham rigs, all modified for general coverage.

Kenwood TS-140s and TS-590SG (With a matching Kenwood MC-60A microphone) transceivers and a multiband, multimode Yaesu FT-897 which is ideal for portable applications are his choice of rigs.

30DA202 Javier has a nice assembly of antennas also that provide flexibility for his work across the bands and an imposing signal to all DX markets.

Sirio 827 5/8 wave vertical and delta loop antennas are proven performers on 27 MHz frequencies, providing effective omnidirectional and directional capability for any conditions.

On ham bands, a Windo Carolina dipole which covers 10-40m, a Diamond 510 for VHF and UHF (144 MHz y 430 MHz) and a self-built antenna for SSTV provide versatility.

“My home is built in one of the highest areas of the town so I have a very good TX-RX,” he says.

30DA202 Javier is also a passionate supporter of the Valencia Club de Fútbol commonly referred to as Valencia CF (or simply Valencia).

This is a Spanish professional football club based in Valencia, Spain, that currently plays in La Liga, the top flight of the Spanish league system.


In addition to the adrenalin rush of elite level football, 30DA202 Javier is a lover of music.

“I’m a lighting and sound and concert technician,” reveals Javier.

“I toiled for many years in the Pacha Auditoriun, a room dedicated to discotheques and concerts…”

“I also worked in a company of concert staging (Triple Onda) in Barcelona in its branch in Valencia…”

30DA202 Javier loves animals – Note this is NOT A REAL CROCODILE!!!!!

He reportedly helps with several animal associations through social media forum Facebook in order to to promote stray animal adoption, the search for and recovery of lost animals and animal care education.

Model making, video consoles, and dining out at good restaurants are other favourite pastimes.

Not only does Javier satisfy membership criteria in the DX Hunter category with more than 100 Divisions worked and confirmed, but he also meets requirements in the DXpeditioner Category thanks to several Summit On The Air (SOTA) activities.

“As well, as SOTA, anything radio is interesting,” explains Javier.

“I’m active in DX, contests, digital (FT8, FT4), and SSTV.”

“I really like receiving images from the International Space Station (ISS), keeping an eye on the passes, the schedules, and more…”

Like most DA-RC Members, 30DA202 Javier monitors the International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHZ USB and it’s here where you’ll catch his regular CQ calls when time permits.

Shown left, he’s eager to exchange QSL cards and can be contacted via the coordinations below.


C/ Federico Garcia Lorca Nº 55 – Floor 4 – Door 8

C.POSTAL – 46980 Paterna – Valencia (Spain)