*MEET* 30DA141 Andoni

Retired Merchant marine. Authorized amateur radio operator and expert chaser of 11m DX…

From the constitutional monarchy that is the Kingdom of Spain, our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to welcome 30DA141 Andoni to our esteemed Spanish Team in the early days of December, 2023.

From his picturesque home QTH in the Northern Hemisphere on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, 30DA141 Andoni has been involved in radio comms for the past 43 years.

This makes him one of the most experienced men in the club!

In point of fact, during his time on the air waves, 30DA141 Andoni (Seen pictured above) has toiled as a licensed ham and, on the world’s best HF DX band, eleven meters, as an independent and club operator with much success.

Throughout his time in the hobby, Andoni (Seen pictured right) has amassed a wonderful 264 DXCC entities on the 11m band, to see him within earshot of the astonishing “300” mark.

He’s also been a member of various well-known 11m DX clubs such as Sugar Delta and Romeo Charlie respectively.

“I started in the hobby when I was just 18 years old,” 30DA141 Andoni reveals.

“And now I’m 61!”

“Over the years, I’ve represented 30ZB189, 30DT117, 30RS054, 30RC248, 30SD248 but now my pledge is to the DA-RC and into the future with this club…”

30DA141 Andoni resides in Cantabria, an autonomous community and province in northern Spain which is both mountainous and coastal in its landscapes.

Apparently, this place belongs to Green Spain, the name given to the strip of land between the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains.

Evidently, it achieves its name due to particularly lush vegetation which loves the wet and temperate oceanic WX.

Impressively, 30DA141 Andoni’s station comprises of an IC-7300 transceiver by Icom, a FT-857 by Yaesu, and an FT-817nd also by the same company.

For operations on 27 MHz frequencies, Andoni’s antenna consists of a Delta Loop some 6 meters above the ground, whilst a home brew dipole does the job on recognised ham bands — 15, 20, 40 and 80m.

He also uses a MASTIL 500W base antenna for ham ops.

When he’s not in the shack seeking DX on any number of bands, 30DA141 Andoni enjoys fly drones and playing with Scalextric 1:24 scale cars.

Any spare time is spent travelling on board his motor home too.

It’s this same zest for adventure which has him well placed for future dx adventure work under the Delta-Alfa banner in the form of  IOTA, LOTA, POTA, SOTA and/or COTA DX work.

Cluster evidence suggests that 30DA141 Adoni is QRV across many bands and several different modes including FT-8 and CW.

On the Freeband, his monitor frequency is 27.555 MHz USB which is the identified eleven meter band call space.

Adoni is good for a direct QSL card to confirm any contact with his station in the Kingdom of Spain via the coordinations below.

Standard contribution of 3 euro + SAE is required thank you.