*MEET* 30DA064 Fuco

The DA-RC’s presence in the Kingdom of Spain continues to flourish with the addition of 30DA064 Fuco.

Popular, professional and an passionate dx adventurist, this guy is a DX Hunter of some note who links with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in early December, 2023.

30DA064 Fuco’s hunting grounds are ham bands, as a licensed amateur radio operator, in addition to 27 MHz frequencies where his thirst for new or rare DX is somewhat intoxicating.

History reveals that 30DA064 Fuco has been occupied in radio communications for 31 years, always at the forefront of his Spanish DX community.

He’s a previous member of Papa Alfa Sierra and the Romeo Charlie DX clubs respectively, during which time he accumulated a commendable 138 DXCC entities.

This achievement facilitates membership in the DA-RC via the DX Hunter Category (See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ )

According to his membership form, 30DA064 Fuco resides in Terrassa, a picturesque city in the Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain.

The fourth largest city in this historic region, the backdrop of this ancient Roman municipality is made up of the mountains from Muntanya de Monserrat Nature Reserve, and Sant Llorenç del Munt i L´Obac Nature Reserve.

At the feet of the Prelitoral mountain range and 30 km inland from Barcelona, the country’s capital, Terrassa is one of the two capitals of Vallès Occidental county, along with Sabadell.

Popular attractions here include the La Seu d’Ègara, El Torre del Palau, Vallparadis Castle (Shown below), Masia Freixa, Vapor Aymerich, Amat I Jover and the La Casa Alegre de Sagrera.

30DA064 Fuco has compiled a adept home station, versatile in its nature to access several bands and modes.

His transceiver of choice is a 100 watt YAESU FT-920 with HF/VHF capabilities, modded to include the Freeband.

It also includes an SDR panadapter for software defined radio effect.

A Heil GM-5 mic—specifically designed and crafted for amateur radio comms—provides full-range smooth SSB audio and excellent voice articulation for his 30 Division station.

Outside his home, overlooking the nearby streets and stunning architecture of Terrassa is a Moxon antenna for 11m application.

Interestingly, the Moxon antenna or Moxon Rectangle is a simple and mechanically robust two-element parasitic array, single-frequency antenna which takes its name from the amateur radio operator and antenna handbook author Les Moxon (call sign G6XN).

For ham bands, Fuco employs a Hy-Gain AV-640 Patriot HF vertical.

With a low angle signal, this stick is regarded as one of the best built, best performing and best priced multiband verticals available today.

During the week, 30DA064 Fuco works as a truck driver.

This takes him far and wide across the Iberian Peninsula and satisfies his innate need to travel.

When he’s not at work or in the seat behind a transceiver, 30DA064 Fuco’s choice of recreation is listening to music and riding a motorcycle.

See the picture above of his bike and young son!

30DA064 Fuco is QRV on many bands, yet it’s on 11m where he is most active.

You will hear him on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, chasing DX and looking to ensnare new divisions, islands or other DX entities.

30DA064 Fuco is always eager to exchange QSL cards to confirm  a contact with his station.

His coordinations are below.


Avd. Bisbe Castelltort, 1, 08226-Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain