*MEET* 30DA016 Dave

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is proud to introduce to you 30DA016 Dave who CQ’s from the Kingdom of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula.

An experienced SOTA field operative and one of his country’s most popular ham and eleven meter band ops, Dave’s QTH in 30 Division is Mutxamel — a municipality in the comarca of Alacantí, Alicante, Valencian Community.

Sailing the Mediterranean

History tells that Dave was raised in the Netherlands (19 Division) in a small village near Den Bosch.  Here he achieved the DX Hunter requirements for DA-RC membership as a former member of the Romeo Bravo and Yankee II DX Groups and also via a current membership with the Whisky Oscar DX group (30WO1630).

Solar panels

According to his membership form received back in December 2009, Dave started his DX career in the late 1970’s and after a self-imposed hiatus is eager to add to his tally of DXCC via his Yaesu FT 897 / 450 AT transceivers and vast collection of home brew antennas.

Since rejoining the hobby, Dave has done just that too – forming relationships with friends on forums such as DX27 and Cluster dk where he’s a Lounge Member and smashing the DX with monster signals.  A quick search in any of the hobby’s databases, in fact, will prove that Dave has successfully worked a majority of the world’s dxpeditions in the past few years.

4_el_moxon_met_boomIn addition to being regarded as one of the world’s Big Gun DXers, Dave is also famous for his work in antennas.  From verticals to quads and yagis to light-weight wire antennas such as moxon and skyppers, you can read all about his fabulous work on  www.DX-antennas.com .

Away from radio comms, 30DA016 Dave is a dedicated family man with a wife and 2 children.  His interests also include sailing, water skiing, skiing and motor trips through the Spanish Mountains.  Remarkably, Dave also speaks Dutch, English, German and Spanish!

In addition to being bilingual and having a love of the outdoors, one of Dave’s areas of expertise is Solar PV (Photovoltaic) installation.  This will ensure he is an immense source of knowledge for those DXpeditioners participating in DA-RC’s Carbon Emissions Offset Program (See  http://www.delta-alfa.com/projects/offset/) in the future, as well as Project Manager and fellow ‘green guru’ 23DA330 Jeremy.

On an HD through the USAFor those members who don’t know, PV cells or solar power panels are used to harness energy from the sun and are sometimes used on ham radio DXpeditions to convert the suns rays into an electrical current to power rigs.

“One of the great things about solar technology,” says Dave, “is that it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases into our atmosphere…”

“In total 52kWp panels are on top of rooves here in Alicante.  If a radio uses about 75W per hour for 3 hours a day, 200 days per year; roughly 45kWh per year is needed and that means more then 1300 CB radios could work on this green energy source…”

As most members will appreciate, not only does Dave’s work allow us the opportunity to have a cleaner environment, but it also allows us to become less dependent on the ever decreasing levels of fossil fuels.

Yagi 3Since joining his new Club, 30DA016 Dave already has his sights set on some IOTA work from the small island of Tabarca in the Alicante/Murcia Province group which is referenced as EU-093 in accordance with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s Islands On the Air (IOTA) program.  Whether or not he utilises his green energy prowess is anyone’s guess!

On behalf of everyone associated with DA-RC, it’s great having you as part of the team Dave!

QSL Information:

  • To exchange QSL cards with Dave, please email him first at alicante26 @ ymail.com .