*MEET* 30DA010 Sergio

Experienced radio club admin guy. Successful cross-mode/cross band DX Hunter. Dedicated ham op and stanch 11m enthusiast…

New Dx Adventure Radio Club member 30DA010 Sergio connects with our great club in early December 2023 and he’s hell bent on making a great impression on DA-RC culture from his QTH in the westernmost peninsulas of Eurasia in the coming years.

In addition to some very exciting dxpedition projects, 30DA010 Sergio (Shown right) is determined to increase his already incredible tally of 280 DXCC entities to the magic 300 mark with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

Talismanic, goal-orientated and a super experienced radio comms guy, 30DA010 Sergio hails from the Kingdom of Spain.

It’s a country renowned for its amazing World Heritage sites, delicious food (See pictured right), and stunning landscapes.

Here—with almost 40 years behind him—he’s considered one of the prima Freeband technicians in southwestern Europe due to his involvement in several excellent 27 MHz projects both on and off the air.

History says that—in his previous radio club Sugar Delta—Sergio was coordinator of his country for 20 years, leaving a long lasting legacy of DX achievements.

He therefore ticks strict DA-RC Membership criteria in the Leadership category respectively.

See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ .

According to the world atlas, 30DA010 Sergio’s exquisite DXCC—Spain—borders France (14 Division) in the north and Portugal (31) in the west.

As you can see by on the map pictured above, it’s the perfect gateway for exciting IOTA dx adventure or pulsating visits to Africa countries for “Most Wanted DXpedition work for Sergio and the other collection of amazing DA-RC Spaniards.

30DA010 Sergio inhabits the eastern part of 30 Division in the city of Alzira.

Located on the banks of the Júcar River which runs for some 500 km, Alzira lies in the Ribera district, south of the city of Valencia.

It originated as the Iberian settlement of Algezira Sucro (“Island of Sucro”), so named because of its insular position between two branches of the Sucro (Júcar) River.

Attractive sites here are said to be the 14th century Monastery of la Murta, the Alzira walled circuit, the Town council hall of Alzira from 1540, the Santa Catalina church of Alzira and the Mare de Déu del Lluch Sanctuary of Alzira.

30DA010 Sergio’s city exports oranges and by-products and manufactures paper goods.

Locals also breed poultry.

On top of a deep seated passion for radio communications, 30DA010 Sergio also enjoys high adrenalin sport.

In fact, he confesses a love for football and motor sports.

Formula 1 and Moto GP (the two-wheeled equivalent of F1) are his favourite forms of racing that are sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.

30DA010 Sergio loves to travel, combining visits abroad with DX work wherever possible.

“I’ve been to Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Europe, Portugal, Italy, France, Czech Republic…” he reveals.

“I do a lot of activity in portable, but I’ve activated, 34, 49, 51 division in previous years…”

On the dx adventure front, 30DA010 Sergio has big plans for Cycle 25.

In fact, he plans to operate several 30 Division lighthouses for LOTA action, as well as some islands in the Canary Islands (AF-004) archipelago.

The evidence suggests that 30DA010 Sergio is an adoring Yaesu Man.

His eye-catching collection of Yaesu rigs consists of an FT-459D, FT-DX101D, an FT-DX10 Remote and an FT-891 for portable DX work.

Our man Sergio also possesses a Kenwood TS-480 Remote, and for added oomph, an ACOM 2000 amp amplifier and a HF BQN Amplifier.

A common agreement though is that an antenna does all the work and with 30DA010 Sergio this certainly rings true.

A high-performance Yaesu 1000 GDX rotator—ideal for heavy-duty applications—delivers instructions to a 5 element long spacing yagi, on a self-supporting tower more than 20m high.

On the subject of antennas, 30DA010 Sergio specialises in  the construction of delta-loops and similar antennas ideal for portable dx adventure.

In fact, other DA-RC Members speak highly of his contributions in this field, and are happy to recommend his work.

“I really like to build antennas that are having a very good reputation,” Sergio explains.

“Working in portable and above all I am a DX hunter in 11m…”

For his portable DX work, Sergio has lots of antennas to choose from.

His own hand crafted delta-loops for quick installation or commercial 3 or 4 element yagis by Italian comms giant Sirio are his “go to”.

One of the most active 11m DXers in Spain, you can catch 30DA010 Sergio on the international call frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

His QSL card is available via the coordinations below with standard contribution required thank you.


PO Box 71, cp 46600, Alzira (Valencia) Spain