*MEET* 2DA3412 Terry

Certified ham radio operator N8WEL Terry in the United States of America joins our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in June 2016.

Flag_of_Ohio.svgTerry’s allocated Delta-Alfa QRZ for work on 27 MHz frequencies is 2DA3412, although he was previously known as 2SF3412 following a long and continued association with the Sierra Fox CB Radio Club of the USA .

Licensed since 1992, Terry’s achievements in the hobby are impressive indeed.  His awards on ham bands include: ARRL- DXCC SSB, VUCC 6M SSB, WAS SSB, WAC SSB, CQ- WAZ SSB , WPX SSB, 10X10# 64899. SMIRK: #5920, SWOT: #3632, US NOAA APRS WX STA. #AV165, RAC- CANADAWARD 14 SSB.

Terry also monitors the 11m band where he is active on 27.385 LSB and the international call frequency.  He has worked well over 100 DXCC entities on this band and qualifies for DA-RC membership via the DX Hunter category.

“I enjoy HF contesting from the home QTH and also portable operations,” says Terry.  “I use a Yaesu FT-100 with a Outbacker Perth mobile antenna at 100 watts…”

2DA3412 Terry’s TX base is in the Great Lakes region of the United States of America (USA) (2 Division).  His state, Ohio, which takes its name from the Ohio River, is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

Here, the city of Springfield (Nicknamed the Home City, The Rose City (City of Roses), The Champion City, The Field) in the county seat of Clark County, is his home.

The atlas confirms that this municipality is located in south-western Ohio and is situated on the Mad River, Buck Creek and Beaver Creek, roughly speaking 72 km west of Columbus and 40 km northeast of Dayton.

2DA3412 Terry’s QTH is home to Wittenberg University, a liberal arts college.  Other tourist attractions include Hartman Rock Garden Springfield Museum of Art, South Charleston Opera House, Buck Creek State Park, various Museums, Homes and Homesteads and so much more.

At the time of going to print, Terry’s station consists of HF/6m SSB Yaesu FT-5000DX, FT-1000DX,  Ameritron AL800 amplifier and AL-500m amplifier,  2m/6m SSB FT991 w/ mirage B832G & TE 506G amplifier, FT897 w/ PSK31 RR, FT847 100w backup, FTM100 local 2m/70cm local FM, CS800 DMR 70cm local, public safety monitor Uniden BCD536, local CB Uniden BC980 SSB w/ Palomar elite 400 HD and Ranger 2970N2 200w rig.

His antennas include HF/6m Cushcraft R7000, 2m/70cm Diamond Collinear, 2m great lakes squal loop 2m SSB.

As you can see, 2DA3412 Terry is armed and ready for DX at every possible conduit!

Away from the radio shack and, in addition to being a keen radio communications hobbyist, Terry is a enthusiastic photographer.  He enjoys using digital imaging technologies such as digital cameras, scanners, digital image editing software and photo printers to achieve the ‘perfect shot’ for the family album.  No doubt some of the tranquil scenes of Springfield offer some amazing shots too!

2DA3412 Terry is a regular at the Hamvention in Dayton and various summer events.  He is active on a number of the world’s hobby forums too and is regarded as a ‘sounding board’ for hobby related issues.

The DA-RC welcomes his membership and encourages fellow hobbyists to keep a listen out for him across the bands.


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