*MEET* 29DA101 Mark

Mark's Shack Benchtop

The Republic of Ireland (EU-115) is home QTH to Dx Adventure Radio Club member 29DA101 Mark.  A former country coordinator with the Lima Delta DX Group, Mark resides in the medieval city of Waterford which is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour and is the primary city of the South East region of Ireland.

One of Ireland’s most capped DX Hunters with no less than 283 of the world’s DXCC entities in his log, Mark easily satisfies the DX Hunter category for DA-RC membership and is determined to add to this impressive tally in Cycle 24.

Furthermore, Mark’s work with Lima Delta as 29LD111 also entitles him to membership in the Leadership category, something many prospective and existing DA-RC members aspire to also.

Waterford Harbour

Away from the radio communications hobby, 29DA101 Mark’s passion for DXing is perhaps equalled by his love of the outdoors and traditional sports.  Here, Mark enjoys fishing, shooting sports and the extreme adventure of mountain climbing in north-western Europe and is known to often combine all three recreational pursuits on enjoyable outings with friends and family.

An ICOM and Heil TX audio fan whose achievements span an impressive 15 years in the hobby, Mark is delighted to join the Dx Adventure Radio Club Team and looks forward to participating in many radio adventures in the future with his Delta-Alfa callsign.

“I travel up to the mountains for field DXing on the weekend,” says DA-RC’s latest affiliate from 29 Division.  “I do this once a month, for day and night DXing!”