*MEET* 26DA758 Andy

Meet 26DA758 Andy in the English county of Kent —  Licensed ham radio operator, keen eleven meter band DXer and self-confessed ‘digi-geek’.

Andy (See right) links with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in October 2015 in the Dx Hunter category with more than 300 Divisions/DXCC worked and confirmed by paper or eQSL.  This in a rewarding hobby career forged from the young age of 14, spanning some 25 years!

26DA758 Andy’s home in the British Isles is by the banks of the River Great Stour at the south edge of the North Downs.

This is a famous ridge of chalk hills in south east England that stretch from Farnham in Surrey to the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent, about 100km southeast of central London (See below right).

Here, he’s compiled an imposing station and outdoor antenna systems to satisfy his miscellany of comms interests.  Modern Kenwood, Yaesu, Alinco and CRT Superstar 10m rigs and more + a range of high performance horizontal and vertical antennas are just a few notable features of Andy’s shack which provide comfortable access to the hobby’s amateur and citizens bands.

In addition to pursuing DX or surfing the net for hobby related readings, 26DA758 Andy enjoys studying antenna and propagation theory.  His contributions on these topics on some of the world’s hobby forums are both many and insightful.

UHF, scanning, marine radio, Hamsphere, Morse code and dxpedition work are additional subjects of interest.

It’s the digi modes of Phase Shift Keying (PSK), RTTY (Radio Teletype), Slow Scan TV  and JT65, in particular though, which spark his attention.

For those who don’t know, JT65 is a digital QSO mode to facilitate weak signal communications and experimentation where users use very low power on HF, around 5-10 watts, to avoid QRM to other JT65 signals.

When he’s not playing around in the shack with odd digi-modes, enjoying a ragchew with radio mates or tinkering with electrics, Andy drives trucks for work.  His big rig travels on the open road have allowed him to discover many exciting places for weekend adventures such as high in the Mendip Hills, a range of limestone peaks with dramatic gorges and ancient woodland to the south of Bristol and Bath in Somerset.

In his home county of Kent, classic 13th century churches such as St Nicholas Church pictured below, pristine nature reserves, towering castles and fascinating World War 1 military memorabilia are just some of the other tourist attractions in Andy’s local area.

Pictured below, one of the most fascinating is said to be the Dungeness Lighthouse built back in 1904.  This lighthouse reportedly survived two world wars before decommission in 1960, although for 56 years it provided a welcome landlight to vessels negotiating the perils of the English Channel.


When you hear Andy on one of the bands, no doubt these topics will be high on the agenda — propagation allowing.  You’ll be guaranteed of a great QSO and who knows — you might even learn a thing or two about digi-modes!


  • “Will QSL First”