*MEET* 266DA101 Samuel

From the west-central Pacific, in the far-flung DXCC of Eastern Kiribati, resides 266DA101 Sam who’s been a member of our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) since 2011.

266DA101 Sam is a keen CB Radio operator and avid DX Hunter, a guy who’s worked many of the DA-RC’s Most Wanted DXpeditions in the Oceania region over the past decade.

He looks forward to achieving similar feats during the improved propagation forecasts of Cycle 25.

Previously based on remote Fanning Island in the Tabuaeran and Teraina Islands; Fanning and Washington Islands IOTA Group, decade long DA-RC member 266DA101 Sam (Pictured right) now resides on the idyllic island of Kiritimati in the northern Line Islands.

Here, he’s employed as a School Teacher by the Ministry of Education for the Kiribati Government, teaching children in forms 1, 2 & 3.

Possessing the reference OC-024 in keeping with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA Program, 266DA101 Sam’s atoll lies 232 km north of the Equator and 2160 km south of Honolulu in Hawaii (17 Division).

Islands Base Online reference systems indicate it’s one of the most eagerly sought after of IOTA DX entities in the world.

Also known by its English title of “Christmas Island”, Kiritimati is the largest coral atoll in the world.

It’s perimeter of some 150km also includes several tiny islets — Cook, Wood, Arthur and Motu Tabu.

The name of 266DA101 Sam’s village is ‘Tennessee’ and here is where you will find his simple, yet effective, island station – a modified Galaxy DX-979 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio and vertical antenna high above the coconut palms that surround his home.

The village is part of ‘London’ which is the main settlement on the atoll and the headquarters of the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Islands Development.

The others are Banana and Tabwakea, which are located along the main road on the northern coast of the island, and Poland, which is across the main lagoon to the South.

According to 266DA101 Sam, “Kiritimati is the ideal launchpad for rare IOTA DXpedition work and has been used as such by visiting T32 ham teams in the past…”

Firstly, Cassidy International Airport (near the village of Banana) is located on the northwest coast of the island.

There’s also a port facility from which boats can be hired or chartered out to other Most Wanted IOTA DXstinations such as Tabuaeran (OC-084) and Jarvis (OC-081).

According to the history books, explorer Captain Cook named the atoll Christmas Island when he arrived on Christmas Eve in 1777.

Used for nuclear testing in the 1950s and 1960s, the island is now valued for its marine and wildlife resources.

A designated a wildlife sanctuary since 1975, the atoll is particularly important as a seabird nesting site — with an estimated 6 million birds using or breeding on the island, including several million Sooty Terns.

According to 266DA101 Sam, the main two main activities on the island are scuba diving and game fishing and it’s this latter activity that Sam also displays a passion for.

Sailfish, blue marlin, giant trevally, wahoo, black marlin, yellow fin & dog tooth tuna, and barracuda are regular catches.

He also enjoys watching movies, listening to music and playing/watching sport.

266DA101 Sam is QRV across a number for 27 MHz calling frequencies, including his nation’s chat QRG which is 27.0550 MHz USB.

Here you’ll find a number of the DA-RC’s 224 Division members also; operators who’re always keen for a chat and eager to accept the opportunity to work Freeband DX.


Via DA-RC HQ Oceania, PO Box 3140 Browns Plains LPO, QLD, Australia, 4118